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  1. Thanks "daledoc1" for your reply. I know I others and myself have bought this topic up previously. The solution provided was a new link to a Zip file with two exe"s, one or 1.75 and another for 2.0x versions of Malwarebytes. My only disappointment is that the exe hasnt been updated since it was first provided on 30-06-14. If the exe's were updated weekly or every fornightly I would be very happy indeed. I think other users with the same problem would also be impressed. Thanks
  2. I was very happy when I found that I could download a manual update file for updaing Multiple computers instead of online updates on each and every one. But Im not so happy now that Ive found that the file downloaded at http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_rules has not been updated since 30-06-14. So in reality updating via that method is useless. In the past we have been able to update via the internet one computer then copy over a couple of files (database.conf and rules.ref) to the other PCs. Is there any chance of the downloadable rules Zip file being updated more often than "never
  3. I have several computers that are never connected to the Internet. I still run AntiVirus / Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on them. In the new Version of Malwarebytes there doesnt seem to be a manual method of downloading an Updated Database Version that can be run on several computers. In the previous version there was two methods to update the Database versions on computers that were not connected to the web. One by downloading an update file "mbam-rules.exe" and another by cutting and pasting a couple of files - "database.conf and rules.ref". So to me the new version of Malwarebytes is
  4. Ok then if we cannot download an offine installer any longer for Malware 2.x. If i update one PC with latest malware signitures what files do i copy across from one PC to another to update second Computer. With MalwareBytes1.75 its was "rules.ref" and "database.conf" that had to be copied across.
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