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Hi, again:


You are correct -- with the current version 2.0 GUI, there is no indication of the type of license (Lifetime or Subscription) or of the subscription license expiration date.

We have asked the developers to provide that sort of information in a later build.


Until then, we would need a bit more information in order to provide the specific and accurate answer to your question.

Because there are now 2 different types of consumer licenses (lifetime and subscription) and many sources from which they can be purchased, it would help to know:

  1. When did you originally buy the license -- BEFORE March 2014 or AFTER March 2014?
  2. If it was after March 2014, was it a regular purchase or some sort of special "promotional" deal?
  3. Where did you buy it -- from the Malwarebytes online store, or from another online source, or from a brick-mortar store?
  4. Was/is it an electronic/digital/download purchase, or a boxed, standalone CD?

If you could please reply to those questions, we can more efficiently point you to the information you need. :)



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Hi, denler:


Just checking back -- do you still need help with this?


I assume you might still be having trouble submitting the online help desk ticket, based on replies in your other thread here.


Having said that, contacting the help desk for license issues isn't the optimal way to obtain prompt resolution.

That's because the license transactions purchased through the Malwarebytes online store are handled by their e-commerce partner, cleverbridge.

So, contacting cleverbridge is usually the better way to sort out licensing issues.


As we have not heard back from you, I will try to answer your question anyway: :)

  1. If you purchased a consumer license for MBAM Pro version 1.x BEFORE March 2014, then it will be a lifetime, 1-PC license.  It can be transferred to a different computer, but not to a different user.  It can be activated on 1 PC at a time. There is no expiration date. There is no need to renew or pay again. And, it will have been automatically migrated to an equivalent, lifetime, 1-PC license for MBAM version 2.
  2. If you purchased a consumer license for MBAM Premium version 2.x AFTER March 2014 as a routine purchase, then it PROBABLY is a subscription, renewable, 3-PC license that will expire 1 year from the date that it was activated on the first PC. It can be activated on up to 3 PCs at a time. It will need to be renewed in a year.
    1. I have to qualify that because there have been a few special, promotional offers since March 2014 that have sold a 1-PC, lifetime license for version 2.  Such a license can be activated on 1 PC at a time, but has no expiration date or need to renew.

So, if you still need help with this:

  • For an online purchase from the MBAM store, the best bet is to contact cleverbridge, the e-commerce partner.
    • Their contact information can be found here: How do I obtain my license key?
    • Cleverbridge can look up your license transactions, and tell you when you purchased, the type of license, etc.
  • If you purchased from another online vendors, such as Newegg, you would need to contact them.
  • If you purchased a boxed CD version, the license info will be in the box, either on the CD sleeve or on a card.

I hope this helps.

If you still need more assistance, please post back and let us know.



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  • 3 months later...

If I have Malwarebytes PRO Lifetime purchased in June 2013 but never installed, if I install it now will it automatically upgrade to Premium Lifetime?  This was purchased from NewEgg.  If I have a non-working version (message says STOPPED WORKING) and I uninstall it and then install this one, will I be good?

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Hi, and welcome, RBF:
The "stopped working" message sounds like a program crash.

That sounds like a separate issue.


But let's start with your license question first.
Yes, once a lifetime license, always a lifetime license.
Each lifetime, consumer license is valid for use on only 1 PC at a time.

It ought not to matter whether you purchased the license from Malwarebytes, Newegg or another vendor.
The basic principle is to follow the steps to "Activate" the software after you download and install/re-install it.
This is explained here: How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?


Now, getting to the "crash" error.

Here is the first set of steps for the reinstall: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

Please follow the steps carefully and be sure to reboot the system when prompted.

You should not need to enter a NEW license ID/key.

If the computer on which you are reinstalling already had/has licensed MBAM PRO/Premium, you would just activate it with the same license ID/key, if needed.


Let us know how it goes.




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