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Internet Explorer Freezes When Accessing Yahoo & Duckduckgo.com (Search Engine).

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   I love your product. Worked nice for a few years now. But Monday, 21Apr14, I loaded your new version (new User Interface, new icon in system tray, ver:, build date: 4/3/2014). Ever since then, my Internet Explorer (Vista Home Prem., Explorer 9, version: 9.0.8812.16421) hangs when trying to access Yahoo (used for email), and duckduckgo.com (search engine). Some other sites are fine (www.spurgeon.org). When I re-boot without Malwarebytes, everything runs fine. In addition, with Malwarebytes loaded @ startup, my system runs slower (2.2 GHz AMD Phenom 9500).


   I tried rebooting with Malwarebytes on a delay at windows startup. The same issue happens (Yahoo hangs in Internet Explorer), but works ok for a little while, then it begins to hang again. 


   I tried going into the start menu/services.msc/User Account Control/ and set MBAMService (from 'Automatic') to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)'. Rebooted the PC (tried several times). Same result (Internet Explorer hangs when trying to access Yahoo or duckduckgo.com). I tried to also set the MBAM Scheduler (from 'Automatic') to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)'. Rebooted a several times: same result. 


   I'm (a pro paid up member), and wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong/don't have right.


   Please help if possible. Thank you very much. (I like your product).



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Hello and :welcome:

Thank You
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Thank you Firefox.  Appreciate the quick response.  (Didn't expect one so soon.  I'm delighted). 

Removal of installed version 2 complete.  But have a question on it's re-installation:

Question: ¿Should I not download the Pro version, as I had (I purchased it in late 2011, kindly)? 

Thank you. 


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LOL, sometimes we are quick if we happen to be online at the time....

They are both the same version, it becomes the Premium (PRO) version when you activate it.....

Thanks Firefox.  (I'm a novice here, and just getting this far on a forum is a big deal for me. 

Thank you again, Firefox.  When I complete the process, I'll status.  Thanks again. 

Hope your weather is ok there.  Cool here (NY State).


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