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scanning more than one drive?

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With the old version I used to be able to choose which drive to scan, C, E, or C & E.  i can't figure out how to get the new version to scan anything but C.  C is my main drive, of course.  E usually has a thumb drive.  Thanks.  I'm running XP.

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Hi, trudyjh: :)
Yes, that would be a "Custom" Scan, and you would select which drives to scan.
Doing so once, upon installation or a major version upgrade is not a bad idea.
However, routine or frequent scanning of your entire system in a "Full" scan mode, including other NAS or local drives, is neither necessary nor recommended.
MBAM is designed to work best when scanning the OS boot drive (usually the C: drive for most users).
That's why the Threat scan (previously called the "Quick" scan in version 1.x) is the recommended scan for MBAM 2.x.
 In general, routine, "flat file" scanning of other drives is a task better suited to your anti-virus.
Bottom line, as explained by our forum Root Admin:

Use Threat Scan. That is the equivalent of the previous Quick Scan.
We added the Full Scan (now Custom Scan) due to many complaints from users wanting to scan all files even though we've told them many times that their antivirus is much better at non active threats on a flat file scan. The new 2.0 includes a rootkit scanner but unless you're going out to very risky sites and downloading cracked software all the time then once you've done a rootkit scan once and a Custom/Full Scan once there really is no need to do one again unless there is really some reason to cause you to believe that something did get past your security and get onto the box. Doing a rootkit scan daily or a full scan daily is certainly going to place more stress on your hard drive and if its an SSD then that could potentially greatly reduce the life expectancy of the drive.



Hope this helps until the staff can provide additional explanations,





ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF

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I think if you store a number of app installers on a non-system drive including some of which you may not have gotten around to using on your current computer it is a good idea to scan that drive using using MBAM for possible PUPs.  I save the the latest or the last two versions of all apps I install.   This of course is not necessary but it has saved a lot of time when I have had to do Windows re-install among other situations.  MBAM has found a number of PUPs in those installer files located on a external USB HDD

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