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  1. BD 2015 products have been experiencing a memory problem for a few weeks. They claim it will be fixed by next week. In any case in order to reduce total memory usage on the computers I have Bitdefender Total Security 2015 (BDTS 2015) running on I have tempoarily removed Malwarebytes Premium since next to Firefox and BDTS 2015 MBAM is the largest memory user. The reason that I mention this is because I noticed that with the removal of MBAM Premium the Bitdender Toolbar is now appearing on all webpages whereas with MBAM Premium installed I recall seeing it only on a few webpages. Since the Bitdefender Toobar is part of BDTS 2015 web protection I was wondering if there is a conflict between Malwarebytes Premium and BDTS 2015 when it comes to web protection. In a similar vein Bitdefender does not recommend using Malwarebytes Preimum in conjunction with BDTS 2015. Other than possibly the Toolbar issue I have never noticed any conflicts between BDTS 2015 and MBAM Premium. 1. What is MBAM official position on this with regard to running BDTS 2015 and Malwarebytes Premium together? 2. Are there any known conflcits between BDTS 2015, including the Bitdefender Toolbar and Malwarebytes Premium? Thanks.
  2. The article talked about improved protection against UAF exploits. The problem is that a number of popular exploit kits like Angler now include the capability to deliver obfiscated UAF exploits
  3. Will MBAM team be adding a shield in MBAE for the Edge Browser? Thanks
  4. There is one major downside to installing MBAE on computers. If you are a computer consultant who charges by the hour and who specializes in removing malware especially the nasty stuff from peoples' computers you will have a lot less work to do and a lot less income if you install MBAE on your clients computers
  5. Installed over 06 on both W7-SP1 and W8.1 and so far appears to be working fine.
  6. There was a problem with running MBAE and IE11 together on W8.1 not sure about W7-SP1. It is a long story but if you download EMET 5.2 again from the Microsoft website and install the new download of EMET 5.2, EMET 5.2 and MBAE should work fine together using the settings in EMET for IE as noted in the first post on this thread. I had the problem of the two not working together and it was resolved by doing this.
  7. Here is the link to the announcement on Major Geeks I have used the tool as lately as this month. I don't have PUPs on my computers because I use Malwarebytes but it did find some stuff and removed it with no ill effects to my computers. However I had two problems with it. 1. Once you run it that is it. There is no going back so it may remove some stuff you do not want removed. If so, you need to reinstall the app or apps it removes. Most cleaners give you a list of recommended apps to have the app cleaner remove or perform other cleaning the tool is recommending. The user can then choose to accept or reject individual items. That is not the case with Junkware Removal Tool. Probably because it runs in DOS mode 2. It removes items from Windows Task Scheduler without removing the program itself. I had at least two different apps with line items in Windows Task Scheduler who scheduled tasks were removed by JRT that I did not want removed. So I had to re-enter the scheduled tasks. One final comment. The author of the tool has a video up on Major Geeks where he talks about how to use JRT. He suggests using the Windows Apps uninstaller section to review the apps you have and then using and I am not kidding IObit Uninstaller.to remove the apps you do not want before running JRT. Somehow I think this video will be removed or changed Anway as JRT now works I would not use it again, mainly because it doesn't give me a chance to review their suugested list of apps or line items in Windows Task Scheduler to be removed. JRT also removes registry entries which I think is a questionable activity for a Cleaner especially without the user being able to edit the list of items to be removed before they are actually removed. Having said that it does get a five star rating on Major Geeks. I also think Malwarebytes will make some good improvments to it before they release it just like they have done with MBAE which is now a far better and more user friendly app than when Malwarebytes acquired it.
  8. What is your second protection? Have you entered MBAM as an exclusioln in your second protection?
  9. I have a lifetime licesnses, lucky me, so I do not know if MBAM has an auto-renewal feature for subcription people. Bitdefender has an auto-renewal box that is checked by default when customers purchase a license. Bitdefefender's customers have been complaining about this for years with some pretty nasty posts on their forum. Auto-renewal is a great feature as long as it is not turned on by default when a person purchases a subscripiton. What Bitdefender products do have that is a great feature is their main GUI says "xxx days left".
  10. Updated on W7-SP1, W8.1 and W10 TP 10049. Memory usage on W10 TP 10049 is still high like it was in previous version of Malwarebytes Currently on this W10 TP 10049 computer. Malwarebytes 2.1.6 mbamservice.ext *32 - 161 MB mbam.exe *21 - 95 MB mbamscheduler.exe *32 - 37 MB Total memory usage - 293 MB By comparison Bitdefender W8 Security bdagent.exe - 1 MB updatesrv.exe - 37 MB vsserv.exe - 35 MB Total memory usage - 73 MB
  11. That worked for me. I got the message to update on only one of my computers so I did as you suggested on my other three only before you suggested it
  12. Try adding an exception to the web protection area of your AV app "data-cdn.mbamupdates.com"
  13. Installed and updated no problem. Did require a restart on W8.1 but not on W7-SP1 Like the option to not add the Malwarebytes icon to the desktop. Old icon in a desktop folder still works. So no need to add a new one and then turn off self-protection to delete it. GTG Thanks Malwarebytes team
  14. Looks like a program someone wrote in their basement and is available for download on Source Forge. I rarely ever open the GUI so whatever.
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