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comeleon kills

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this is my second time typing this so its gonna be short and direct this time.


ran malwarebytes, everything was fine. ran cameleon, the second i hit the icon i got the blue screen.


tried to restart and got an error code 0xc000007b windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe corrupt or missing.



amd quad core 2.3mhz

8ghz ram

windows 8 os


tried the recovery on windows 8 disk and it would not fix it so i'm stuck. thank you.

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i do have the install disk. i have tried all of the repair options that the disk offers and still it won't fill in the blank. about the only one i have not really gotten into is the comand prompt. i did read that some have had success with it but everything i found on the internet starts off strong and gets vague fast because most of it revolves around xp. There are some for windows 8 but they are not the exact same error code that i was given, close, but not exact.

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i have tried all of the repair options as i stated above,


refresh pc - tried to refresh the pc and it tells me there where problems refreshing and nothing was changed.


automatic repair - tried and was told that it could not be done


system restore - tried and did not have a restore point saved.


system image recovery - no image was saved so nothing could be done


i am trying to avoid resetting my computer because i do not want all of my files erased. i may try to reinstall windows8


like i'm upgrading to see if it will let me keep my files but i'm unsure where the point of no return is for my files.

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