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Possible False Malware Detection?

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I have recently installed Malwarebytes software. During a quick scan it quarantined Firefoxsetup.exe  which I removed. The Firefox... has been on my computer for a long time but was never detected by my anti-virus software Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security program. I did a full scan after this and nothing was found however two days later I did another quick scan with Malwarebytes and it quarantined another file NoRiftRifeDelux.zip that was already on my computer when I did the inital scan but it wasn't detected. I contacted the person I received the program from and he informed me the software is certified clean with macafee antispiware.

I saved the log and went back to the main menu. When I returned to the quarantine section the NoRiftRifeDelux.zip file had been removed but I didn't remove it, it was just gone.  When I searched for the NoRiftRifeDelux.zip file on my computer I found it where I had put it so I tried to open it. Malwarebytes blocked it and it was back in the quarantine section again. Should the program be doing this? Is the NoRiftRifeDelux.zip file, which I have attached the log and the NoRiftRifeDelux.zip file here, really a Trojan as claimed by the Malwarebytes program? If so why wasn't it detected in the first two scans being the quick and full scan? If not then why is the program behaving in this way?


Hoping you can assist with this issue.






MBAM-log-2013-07-09 (10-50-45).txt

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Hi miekiemoes


Thank you for looking into this. I ran two more scans after your reply and it didn't detect it either. It does raise some questions though. How would it have been fixed? The owner of the program said it has been certified clean and he has had it for 4 years. Could my Malwarebytes software be faulty? The zip file wasn't detected with the Trojan.... during the initial couple of quick scans or the full scan and then it started showing up in the quick scans but the same file was there all along. Why would this be? Hope you can help resolve this issue.


Many thanks for your time and effort.

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