Unused File Extension?

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Hi on doing a registry scan, an unused 'file extension softgrid.unavailable' keeps reappearing even after deletion? This only appears in CCleaner. Is there a way of a permanent deletion?


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Why ?

So its unused. What's the problem with it ?

What exactly is the extension that is so-called "unused" ?

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I'm sorry. Pointing to a WiKi article does not indicate what the unused extension is, why it should be deleted and the rationale for why it can't stay in the OS.

I always like to compare an automobile and a computer. Most people look at them as being completely dissimilar and thus you can't compare them. However they are both complex systems of systems and not only can they be compared as such but can be modeled similarly.

So I'll use a Dodge Dakota as an example. One has a Dodge Dakota pickup truck and on its fuse block is a 15 amp fuse for accessories. However the accessories terminal is unloaded. There are no accessories connected to it. The owner connects a diagnostic tool to the pickup and it indicated there is an unused fuse.

So what is gained by removing said fuse ?

What is the problem with the fuse remaining in situ ?

One has to ask the same critical questions about this 'file extension softgrid.unavailable'.

What is is this 'file extension softgrid.unavailable' ?

Why does it really need to be deleted ?

What are the negative consequences if it stays ?

Which brings us back to that unused fuse. Why does it have to be removed and what is gained by its removal or what are the consequences if it remains ?

Those questions haven't been answered so best practice dictates that there be no modification made.

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