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  1. Hi using Chrome version 35.0.1916.122 & noticed my bookmarks appear in a list in the middle of my android tablet? Just wondered if I had changed somthing without knowing? Preferred the bookmarks spread across the screen as icons. Appreciate any help Thx
  2. Hi when I try to click on 'Save' with a PDF Document, nothing happens & doesn't seem to highlight? Only seemed to be like this recently? Using version Also would anyone have a link for their forum? I seem to just get error when trying? Appreciate any help Thx
  3. Cheers........................appreciated
  4. Thank you had posted at Mozilla support, but no answer as yet...............thx though informative
  5. Hi....having problems actually syncing a laptop to a desktop with 'Firefox'.................I have an account on the desktop. On entering the code from the laptop onto the desktop (to pair a device) it just comes up 'invalid'? Tried a few times? Appreciate any help thx
  6. Cheers for that...................
  7. Hi is it just OK to remove/delete 'Adobe Reader' from within 'Control Panel' or is there an 'uninstaller' available? which may proof better for a complete uninstallation? Thx
  8. Cheeers......................checking
  9. Hi always used 'Adobe Reader', mainly for viewing, saving & printing PDF Files, but recently I've got tired of all the updates & possible vulnerabilities. Was thinking of trying 'Foxit Reader' as an alternative & was wondering what people thought of it? Or would you recommend another alternative? Appreciate any help Thx
  10. Hi just done a complete system reinstall, didn't think I had java installed...............thx will check
  11. Hi what does the Alert pop up 'Get Document (...) is null' mean. I s there any way of stopping it? Appreciate your help Thx
  12. Hi after being away for quite a while & not using the 'desktop PC', it seemed to be slow at first, but then OK. I downloaded windows updates including 'Nvidia driver update' for Geforce 9500 GS, of which the driver update was the only one to fail. Then the PC started to freeze with the mouse being 'jerky' At the time the laptop connected to the network was fine. After switching back on it wouldn't connect to the network, the router appearing fine though. I went into safe mode & the network connection was OK, all the checks with connections that I could check seemed OK? But going back t
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