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Malwarebytes with Microsoft Security Essentials

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On this forum is a topic on the settings for useing these two together to stop freezing. Just a question, why is it you have to uninstall Malwarebytes and then install it again to insert the exceptions in Malwarebytes. Why can't you just insert exceptions with out uninstalling and installing again.

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Hello :)

On some computers there have been reports of conflicts which prevent the computer from working properly. However, the way I see it is that it is not necessary to do this. You should be able to open Malwarebytes' in safe mode and disable it from starting with Windows and thus enter the exclusions in normal mode. It's possible some people may still have problems even after trying this which uninstalling is the only other option.

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I also do not see why uninstalling MBAM is needed to put trust settings.

All that said, make sure you enter trust settings in both MBAM and in MSE.

For Camper's benefit, and any other readers, I had used MBAM PRO & MSE both on Windows XP.

I have been running MBAM PRO and Windows Defender (successor to MSE on WIN8) on Windows 8 PRO x64 without issue.

BTW, you mentioned "freeze". It is not that a freeze would occur. But only that without the mutual exclusions, there might be a conflict as to which 1 of the 2 "gets" to deal with an infected or suspect when and if there is "an infection detected".

Also, BTW, it helps that you practice safe computer & internet usage in the first place, so you reduce the possibility of infection.

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I have more questions now. If you start in safe mode and then set it to not start with windows, do you then add the exceptions, or when you re-boot. If you wait till re-boot then when you start the program it will be running in windows when you add the exceptions.

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