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Searchnu Advanced Stage

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My last post Searchnu Nuisance seems to have been deleted as I was in the process of replying, to continue:

Ok, thank you. All done as per instructions. It is still coming up as the first tab in Google Chrome though :-/ I will attach the files this time so as the thread won't be exceedingly long..Your assistance once again would be greatly appreciated. By the way this came about from trying to stream football the other week from Firstrow.eu!Also I noticed my Random Access Memory RAM gauge has been ticking at around 35% since - used to sit at 1% or nothing - strange!

Also I didn't get an otl.extra file this time. otl.txt is attached.


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Hi, denny222:

It looks as if you already have an open topic in the malware removal section and that MrCharlie is working with you THERE ?

Please stay with that topic and your helper there, rather than starting another, new post here (especially since we don't deal with malware removal in this section of the forum). :)

MrC will get you all cleaned up. :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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Your malware-removal-help topic is --> http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=111637

When you get to it, click on the Follow this Topic icon on the upper right of forum topic. (do it one time).

You are in good hands with MrC

I am closing this thread. Good luck.

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