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A lot of stuff hijacked/stolen?


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Recently a bunch of my emails and several other things was stolen, I tried doing the scan a lot of times but it came out with 0 results. My password itself is 11 characters and I would have to say that I didn't lose anything that was a lot important but there was some stuff. I don't remember downloading anything that was suspicious at all recently.

Is there any way I can possibly fix this?

(Btw, Marcin if you are reading this, this is Arthur, Darek's son)

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By stolen I mean, I was in the middle of doing something when suddenly I couldn't access my email, I logged back into it and tried changing several things which did not help. I also ran malwarebytes scans yesterday, which came up with nothing.

The email that was hijacked was a @gmail.com email.


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sounds to me like you got phished. Is your steam account in any way linked to your gmail? You said earlier that you had been able to log back in to your mail and tried to change things, were/are you able to get into your gmail?

As a safety precaution you should change all of your passwords on this machine.

You said an MBAM scan was clean but posting your HJT log in the Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs forum might be the best for now. Please make sure you read this before posting your HJT Log - I'm infected - What do I do now?.

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Yes, My steam account was linked to a completely different email that wasn't stolen as it was on a different account. I don't remember getting phished at all since most of my password are different. Whoever did it, knew 2 of my passwords that nobody else knows. I'm not sure if he had a RAT or a keylogger that was sent to me but I don't recall downloading anything suspicious.

I was able to recover my password through my other gmail account, which I did on a different comptuer jsut in case. I'm not sure about all this.


HijackLog will be posted soon.

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