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Trojan.Dropper.BCM with fsquirt.exe


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Same here! I too deleted it. I don't use bluetooth devices. Do I need to reinstall this file? And how do I do this? I was suspicious when the date of the file was the same as my OS but I know that doesn't always mean anything so I deleted, Malwarebytes quarantined and deleted it. So I think it's gone? False positive? Norton shows nothing.

I have Win XP MC 2005 OS

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I tried the following:

extract fsquirt.ex_ from xp service pack 3 into a temporary folder

in cmd window enter "expand fsquirt.ex_ fsquirt.exe"

this gives you the original fsquirt.exe as delivered from microsoft

check the single file with malwarebytes (right click)

bingo! It is reported as trojan dropper, so I conclude it must be a false positive

I'm no expert, this is my first post in a computer forum. Any comments?

Thank you.

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I found c:\Windows\system32\fsquirt.exe in my computer. Per MBAM, that's where Trojan.Dropper.BCM is. My copy was created in 2004 (this is an old machine) and there's no indication it was modified. I'll watch this thread but am thinking it's a false positive and will leave it in place for now.

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Looks like the 2nd post (quoted below) was a reply to the original post.

MBAM scan doesn't show infection with Trojan.Dropper.BCM on my computer now and I left c:\Windows\system32\fsquirt.exe where it was.

You may be right, I initially though it meant the comment was edited and removed. mona7865 can you clarify please?

I left the fsquirt.exe file in place and re-scanned the system with database version: 8366 and found no infection. Looks like a false positive, but I think we need confirmation from MBAM.

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Looks like this problem has been resolved, but in other threads. It is a false positive.




I thought I had deleted the file, but checking MBAM showed the file was in quarantine. I updated MBAM, restored the file, and ran a scan, everything was OK.

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