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  1. exile360: Hi. Those are good and important points. For example, a P52 with a Xeon chip and 64GB ECC RAM might be considered in a different class?
  2. I'm looking at getting a PC that runs Windows 10 Pro Workstation 64. Will MB3 work just as well with this OS as with Windows 10 Pro 64? I'm assuming the answer would be relevant for a lot of other potential software.
  3. We have MB Premium with 2 life licenses. In about a week we will be getting new Win 10 Pro x64 PCs and then we will factory reset and sell our old PCs. How do we transfer our MB licenses? E.g., is there a way to deactivate the old licenses and then install on the new PCs? What is the URL to use when downloading MB Premium. We do not have to buy it again, but I do not see where to download the software? Thanks.
  4. That is what I am asking? As I asked: "Does Android MB Firefox Extension still block Ads ...?" I am talking about the MB extension in Firefox on Android?
  5. Does Android MB Firefox Extension still block Ads, or does it still work as a few weeks ago? Google has insisted that all adblocking software be removed from anythin in the Play Store.
  6. I got an email from MB: "We noticed you let your Malwarebytes Premium subscription run out. Whether you switched to another product, decided to go without protection, or forgot to renew, now is your chance to give us another shot risk free. Protect yourself from hackers, scammers, and identity thieves with one lightweight program that runs in the background without bogging down your devices. We guarantee you'll be satisfied, or we'll give you your money back." I replied with 2 snapshots from our PCs and 2 screenshots from our Androids. Our PCs have lifetime licenses, and our Android subscriptions are good through July 2019. I have not received any reply?
  7. I read that Chrome v69 is supposed to enforce stopping apps that it now crashes once as a warning. When that happens on my desktop PC or Android, I'll switch to Firefox as my default. FF also permits extensions like the MB extension.
  8. In Chrome on Windows x64 Pro under chrome://settings/incompatibleApplications I see: Lenovo Patch Utility 64 bit Malwarebytes version I'n running Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit). I read that in v69, chrome will be blocking these apps, and in v72 they will always block them. What is the future of this MB Chrome app?
  9. They replied: "Dear Lester, Thank you for contacting us. We value you as a member and are here to help quickly with your request. Here at Consumer Reports we understand and respect the fact that at times our readers are dissatisfied with or disagree with the content of a report or rating we may publish. While we don’t expect all our readers to follow our point of view, whether they are seeking information about a specific product, general buying advice or critical safety information, we do realize the importance of our expert, unbiased and independent product testing that so many look to us for. Please be assured that our readers' feedback plays a strong role in the work that we do. Because of this I have taken the liberty of sharing your feedback regarding our report on Malwarebytes Antivirus Software with the appropriate members of our staff for their review and future consideration. We hope this information is helpful. Much Appreciated, XXX [my XXX] Representative Member Support"
  10. I have a subscription to CR. I just wrote them: "I've been a member since 2001, and have consulted CR quite a bit before purchases. However, the sole review on Malwarebytes is complete nonsense by a single complete fool. It obviously has been published in CR without any due diligence -- not at all what I expect of CR!"
  11. Never mind. While on travel I blocked all access to local networks. I just had to reset that.
  12. I was away a few days. I got back and my connection to the internet via my 2 Thinkpads and 2 Androids was fine. However, I could not access my router via a browser or via ssh?\, which never has happened before? I rebooted the router and the same problem persists. I ran a Windows diagnosis and it suspects a security or firewall block, so MB might be the culprit. See attached. I also attach logs generated by mb-support- . mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. I added Firefox browser to our Androids. Firefox permits the MB extension.
  14. I do not believe this extension can be installed on any Android Chrome? Yes, we have this on our Desktop Chrome.
  15. Will Android MB (Premium) protect Chrome Beta as well as Chrome (Standard)? I'm running Android-8.1 on Nexus 5X phones. The current versions of Chrome and Chrome Beta are 68.
  16. I have the same problem with paid Malwarebytes Premium v3.3.1.6, on one of our two Nexus 5X Android-8.1 phones, everyday now for about a week or so; I keep seeing Malwarebytes can't update database We both are also running Avast Premium. Neither is rooted.
  17. Is MB3 fully compatible with Novastor backup systems?
  18. Android 8.1 auto sets Battery optimization. I have set MB to be "Not optimized" on both phones. No, the problem (on both Nexus 5X phones) occurs right after the MB update -- no reboot.
  19. On both of our Nexus 5X Android-8.1 phones, at least after the last few updates, MB Premium does not auto restart? We have to notice the absence of the Notification icon to manually press it on.
  20. Just curious about the "whitelist": Is the list license specific, e.g., our 2 life licenses, or is this a global list? (It would be hard to believe it is license specific, but perhaps that is easier to administrate?) Lester Thanks for that info. Lester
  21. Thanks for that info. Lester
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