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    ASA: Adaptive Simulated Annealing, Optimization, Importance Sampling, Nonlinear Systems, Stochastic Systems.
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  1. On our Thinkpad Windows (10 Pro x64) PCs, Defender Exclusions contain (see attached) C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\assistant.exe Should this be removed, or does MB "take care of its own"?
  2. Yep. We have nightly backups and always install MB and uBlock Origin.
  3. On our Androids, we are now using Kiwi as our default browser -- a chromium-based browser. This permits many extensions from Chrome Extensions to be installed. We have installed MB Extension and it is not complaining, e.g., as not for this platform. I have assumed that similar to the Windows10 MB, where we have Brave Browser -- also a chromium-based browser, there may be some security benefits to having both MB app and MB extension on our system. Is this still the case, e.g., with Kiwi and Brave? Is there a test site to see a specific protection for the extension that may not be protected by the app, e.g., due to new Google policies?
  4. Maurice: Yes, that was easy to Add as a Custom Browser. Thanks. Lester
  5. Maurice: Hi. No, I do not see Brave or any name with "chrome" in it, listed! (I see tor.exe listed, which we do not use.) Can MB Support add Brave browser?
  6. As I understand it, recently MB products (independent apps and browser extensions) had to curtail their activities due to restrictions placed by Google in Chrome -- both on Windows desktops and Android phones. Is this also true for chromium-based browsers? I'm now using Brave on my desktops and Kiwi on my Androids. Both browsers permit using the Chrome Extensions on both platforms.
  7. I've deactivated the licenses. I'll wait 24 hrs before reinstalling. Thanks. Lester
  8. No, I tried to install a fresh mb3, but I still see the complaint that I have too many licences already in use. Perhaps the best way you can help me is to make sure that there are NO machines at all using any of our 2 licenses.
  9. Hi. As I stated, I uninstalled MB on both PCs. I do not see that any MB logs can be gathered.
  10. MB on both of our Thinkpads reverted to MB Free after the 1903 MS update. I went to my.malwarebytes.com page but that was no help at all. I do see the Activate and Download buttons, but trying to Activate just spins and goes nowhere. We have Lifetime licences for both PCs. I've uninstalled MB on both PCs. When a critical mass of complaints are received, I'm sure MB will resolve this issue.
  11. exile360: Hi. Those are good and important points. For example, a P52 with a Xeon chip and 64GB ECC RAM might be considered in a different class?
  12. I'm looking at getting a PC that runs Windows 10 Pro Workstation 64. Will MB3 work just as well with this OS as with Windows 10 Pro 64? I'm assuming the answer would be relevant for a lot of other potential software.
  13. We have MB Premium with 2 life licenses. In about a week we will be getting new Win 10 Pro x64 PCs and then we will factory reset and sell our old PCs. How do we transfer our MB licenses? E.g., is there a way to deactivate the old licenses and then install on the new PCs? What is the URL to use when downloading MB Premium. We do not have to buy it again, but I do not see where to download the software? Thanks.
  14. That is what I am asking? As I asked: "Does Android MB Firefox Extension still block Ads ...?" I am talking about the MB extension in Firefox on Android?
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