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    ASA: Adaptive Simulated Annealing, Optimization, Importance Sampling, Nonlinear Systems, Stochastic Systems.
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  1. But that isn't the latest version? See my original post?
  2. See which advertises this "latest" link?
  3. What is the URL for the latest version? I saw a posting leading to my download of mb3-setup-consumer- After installing over my current MB3 I see: the attached (1.0.2410)?
  4. Thanks for pointing out this use of Indeed, I just tried and it seems there are a lot of bad actors that misuse all these services. I see that this just emphasizes the importance of branding and using https?
  5. OK, now I understand. I wouldn't click on any shortcut link either, whether,, even, etc. On my desktop, I used to use an extension that expanded the link for viewing, but since that won't run on Android, I decided to break that habit entirely. My own short links are OK, they are branded with my own domain to stand behind them, and permits the use of https via Cloudflare. I also checked on, with fewer bad reports than above which lists only 2 of 65 total with malicious reports, Dr.Web and Trustwave. Note that also lists 1 of 66 malicious report for
  6. If there is a good reason, why tell me to exclude it??
  7. My previous posting was answered then closed? Why? This topic is now closed to further replies.
  8. I have no problem going to This is a short-cut service. If I try to go to (also their site) in Edge, then this is blocked; see attached.
  9. I have no problem going to This is a short-cut service. If I try to go to (also their site) in Edge, then this is blocked; see attached.
  10. Hi. Will our MBAM Android app on our Nexus 5X Androids work OK if we switch from our current standard Nougat 7.1.2 to O Beta 8.0?
  11. The email was to renew MBAE, but MB3 is supposed to include that? I checked all the headers, and the email seems to be authentic.
  12. Has anyone else with a lifetime license received an email stating that their MB3 license expires in 15 days? I just send a ticket to support with all relevant info, but I'd like to know if this error has affected anyone else.
  13. The same problem popped up this morning in my Thinkpad running Win10 x64 Pro. I attach the file created by mb-check-
  14. Now at least one other user also has reported this: I see that there is a separate forum for Ransomware, . This posting should be moved there where I see a couple of other similar postings re Ransomware blocking dpkg .
  15. I read that Avast browser protection works in part by a MITM-type SSL cert replacement on https URLs -- which I can understand is important in light of recent use of https with valid certs by malware. On our Androids 7.1.2, does this interfere with MBAM own real-time protection?