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  1. Now at least one other user also has reported this: I see that there is a separate forum for Ransomware, . This posting should be moved there where I see a couple of other similar postings re Ransomware blocking dpkg .
  2. I read that Avast browser protection works in part by a MITM-type SSL cert replacement on https URLs -- which I can understand is important in light of recent use of https with valid certs by malware. On our Androids 7.1.2, does this interfere with MBAM own real-time protection?
  3. Thanks for verifying this, which I reported in "Win10 bash/dpkg blocked"
  4. Hi. I'd rather not put any new software on my PC now. Note that the URL you gave does download FRST64.exe, but the video on installation is for Glasswire. I have no idea what else might be in error on that page?
  5. Hi. Sorry, but I do not see any Report listed since 4/5/17 (which was an Exploit block of Adobe Reader). Lester
  6. Hi. I'm not sure if I have those logs. Uninstall/Install was performed using Win Powershell as Admin, e.g., lxrun /uninstall /full lxrun /install /y
  7. On Win10 Creator x64 Pro, I uninstalled Bash/Ubuntu-14.04, and started installing Bash/Ubuntu-16.04. Part way through, MB3 blocked the install; I recall seeing that it did not like dpkg? I do not see any Quarantined stuff. As I do with Cygwin-setup and CCleaner, I will now have to do with WIn10-Bash, and turn off MBARW when using these tools. I attach logs. logs.7z
  8. Yes, that's correct. Depending on your choice of LP icons, typically you'll see a red icon if you're logged in and a grey-black icon if you're logged out. In our case, we kept getting logged out after successfully logging in with the binay = "true", sometimes with a previous red bar that we could not connect to their server, etc.
  9. It sounds like you are setting up LP the same way as I did on our 2 PCs: If you L click on the Chrome icon -> More options -> About, you should see Binary Component: true. (I have false now since in my last re-install I did not install the binary.) If you have "true", and you stay logged into LP for more than say 1/2 hour without being auto-logged out, then this must be an intermittent problem with just our 2 PCs (independent Premium LP accounts) or they have fixed their server response? Also, note that we are running Creator beta.
  10. I added onto a previous posting marked "Exploit freezes all Office 365 apps" cited below, some problems I was having with the recently fixed Lastpass in my Chrome Extensions. In MB3, I excluded the .exe files in the Lastpass Program directory, but the problems persisted -- logging out within secs of successfully logging in. LP support said it looked from the LP logs that I was being blocked by some anti-virus app, but they thought only Norton would do that. (I have no Norton apps.) I was using Chrome Extension LP with their Binary component, which requires a separate Windows installation for Chrome and IE and other browsers that might be present. Guessing that this installation might be the culprit, I uninstalled all LP -- Binary install and Chrome Extension. I then re-installed the Chrome LP Extension without the Binary addition. LP works fine now in Chrome, and I don't really miss some of the extra Binary features. However, there definitely does seem to be a conflict between LP Binary and MB3 on our two Thinkpads running Win10 Creator x64 Pro. I attach my logs. logs.7z
  11. Turning off Chrome (& Plugins) had no effect on the LP problem, so I conclude that the LP Support just was not correct for me.
  12. Hi. I just had to turn off Anti-Exploit for my Office 365 apps (see .jpg in my posting). Lester
  13. Now it appears that Exploit also is preventing our Chrome Extension Lastpass from running, regularly canceling it. LP support looked over my logs and that is what they conclude. So, I have turned off Chrome (& Plugins) in Anti-Exploit, and I'll see how that goes.
  14. Our Office 365 apps were freezing, much worse on my wife's PC where she could do no work at all. I spent a couple of hours doing desktop and online repairs, and finally called Office 365 Support. The support lady spent an hour+ with us, uninstalling and reinstalling Office, rebooting multiple times. I finally agreed to let her log in remotely. She fished around just as I did -- still the same problems. She asked if we had Norton products on our PCs -- No -- and said Malwarebytes was fine. Well, Malwarebytes was not so fine. I got the idea to disable the Office products in Exploit (see uploaded image). Now everything works just fine on both Thinkpads x64 Win10 Pro Creator. I attach logs from my wife's PC. I had to delete the two .bak files to meet the max size limits.
  15. Yes, that worked fine. The directory/folder structure for MB3 x64 is different from MB2. Is is necessary to put any MB3 files into Defender Exclusions?