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    ASA: Adaptive Simulated Annealing, Optimization, Importance Sampling, Nonlinear Systems, Stochastic Systems.
    COMBAT: Statistical Mechanical Analyses of Combat and Simulations.

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  1. Hi. Does MB (phone and PC) stop CISA warnings re CVE-2023-46805 and CVE-2024-21887? Thanks. Lester
  2. When PIA is active, there is no such problem. (In RED it is not being used, but it still complains.) We are now using Google One.
  3. I believe I followed your instructions. NOTE that the zipfile appears on my desktop, but cannot be seen there by your "choose files", and I cannot copy it elsewhere?
  4. I cannot download that file; see attached jpg (which I had no trouble downloading). Can you at least tell me if this is a known problem?
  5. I am having problems getting Windows Sandbox to run at all (the pop-up says it is write-protected). On the attached link, I see that "After further testing I have found that for me the error seems to be due to the MBAM/BitLocker policy key which requires all fixed volumes to be encrypted." Is this known, and how can I easily fix this? Lester
  6. The battery setting for MB is "Unrestricted" at least for Piel 6 Pro phones. We have had this same problem of lack of daily scans on just one of these phones, for several months despite help from this forum. I just do a daily scan now. See attached Screenshot
  7. We (my wife and I) are running version (which is NOT the beta version).
  8. I was referred to this forum? My MB on Android (also a Paid Subscription) does not update daily as set. I got this reply, after trying several "fixes": mbam_mtbr Staff 1.3k Staff ID:1542097 Posted November 16 Hi @ingber, I'm out of ideas here. At this point I'd contact our Malwarebytes Support.
  9. On the Pixel 6 Pro, this Setting is called "Unrestricted" which is selected on both phones. Lester
  10. Both phones are on the same router on Wi-Fi. From experience I'm pretty sure that this belongs in this Android section? Posting in the main Malwarebytes section will only send this post here? Yes, they are on the same version of Android. They are both Pixel 6 Pro phones.
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