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  1. Is MB3 fully compatible with Novastor backup systems?
  2. Android 8.1 auto sets Battery optimization. I have set MB to be "Not optimized" on both phones. No, the problem (on both Nexus 5X phones) occurs right after the MB update -- no reboot.
  3. On both of our Nexus 5X Android-8.1 phones, at least after the last few updates, MB Premium does not auto restart? We have to notice the absence of the Notification icon to manually press it on.
  4. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Just curious about the "whitelist": Is the list license specific, e.g., our 2 life licenses, or is this a global list? (It would be hard to believe it is license specific, but perhaps that is easier to administrate?) Lester Thanks for that info. Lester
  5. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Thanks for that info. Lester
  6. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Let us know if you continue to experience an issue with this file being detected. Regards Please also check, and add to the Whitelist if not present, C:\cygwin64\bin\rm.exe , which is used for a lot of files when rsync rotates days, etc. I attach it here, zipped. This used to be OK a few versions ago, but then I think its listing got lost. Thanks. Lester rm.zip
  7. ingber

    false positive rsync

    For future reference, shouldn't I be able to simply do this myself as soon as the popup appears, instead of having to add an Exclusion? Thanks. Lester
  8. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Sorry, I do not have a spare Windows PC. Both of our PC's are production macines. I appreciate the Support; it always has been superior to other vendors. I am concerned about the last software "stable" releases that seem more like "beta". Lester
  9. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Yes, we always had problems with 3.4.4 -- computers freezing. The other info you might notice in the logs I sent is that after installing 3.4.5, and also today when installing 3..3.1, a prompt came up that I had to reboot. After the reboot, I still had to "install" the new version? I did that and rebooted again anyway. (I believe I had all apps closed during the installs.) On the other Thinkpad, no reboot was called for at all, but I rebooted anyway. Lester
  10. ingber

    false positive rsync

    Yes, it was a MB popup. For example, the only other AV stuff I have is Defender, and I see "No threats" in the Full history. I'd be alert for other users of MB-3.4.5 to have popups with no logs? I installed 3.4.5 yesterday, as an update to 3.3.1. I'm redoing the (3.4.5-failed) backups now with no problems, I have just installed 3.3.1 over 3.4.5, and rebooted each PC twice. I.e., NO uninstalls. We do not have any Controlled folder access turned on (under MS "Ransomware protection").
  11. ingber

    false positive rsync

    This is ridiculous. My permissions on rsync were changed, and I cannot unchange them. I have to copy he exe from another PC. I am reverting back to 3.3.1 ASAP. -rwxr-x--- 1 Unknown+User Unknown+Group 1842817 Jan 28 2016 rsync.exe
  12. ingber

    false positive rsync

    As part of our backups we daily use rsync. We just update to 3.4.5. On only one of our Thinkpads a brief popup said rsync is blocked. In the main console and its tabs, I see **nowhere** this is logged or quanatined??? I added it as an exclusion, but I should have been offered a chance to do that? I attach logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. One of our 2 Thinkpads froze right after rebooting from a Thinkpad update. I had to hard shutdown again -- hope no files were corrupted as happened previous times when MB3 froze like this. I reinstalled 3.3.1 over 3.4.4 and turned off Settings -> Application -> Application Updates (2 entries). This time I won't change my mind and try 3.4.4 again. For 2 Thinkpads, I attach FRST logs generated by mb-support- -> Gather Logs, and info collected by mb-check-, in zipped file T.zip containing 2 folders T1 and T2. T2 froze this time; a previous report was on T1 freezing. This is nasty bug on several PCs over a pretty long time. T.zip
  14. Sorry, no, it seems intermittent, from a few mins to an hour or two. The last day I've been getting out of Chrome after short sessions, since most people think Chrome does not play well with MB-3.4.4. I also disabled a few extensions. I have not had any freezes yet.

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