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    ASA: Adaptive Simulated Annealing, Optimization, Importance Sampling, Nonlinear Systems, Stochastic Systems.
    COMBAT: Statistical Mechanical Analyses of Combat and Simulations.
  1. One 1/2 Thinkpads: same issue; same screenshot On both PCs I could not change on<->off under protection module settings. On the PC with the problem, I just rebooted, and it seems to have rebooted OK with all protections on.
  2. I'm running updated regular Win10. Are there any current conflicts with Win10 beta? Does MBAM-3 support Win10 beta?
  3. Same crashing problems on our two Nexus 5X/7.1.1 phones, after uninstalling/reinstalling/rebooting several times. We were having these problems with the beta app, so I uninstalled again and left the beta program on both phones. I installed the standard app on both phones and got the same crashes. Since I did not get any reply from Support (I sent in crash reports from our phones), nor did I see any reply from Support on this forum, I figured this would be fixed on the next update. So, I figured I'd go back to the beta. However, I was informed, on both phones, that this was not possible as all spaces were now taken.
  4. Does using MBAM (Premium) work well with MB AdwCleaner? Is there any interest in having MBAM also include running AdwCleaner? I daily run SUPERAntiSpyware and it regularly picks up adware that apparently is not being flagged by my regular MBAM scans. Any comparisons between MB AdwCleaner and SUPERAntiSpyware? (Let me know if this line should be posted elsewhere.) Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have experience using Private Internet Access VPN with MACE turned on, e.g., any conflicts with MBAM-3? I saw a recent post that 3.0.5 has some problems with some VPNs.
  6. I notice that under Android (Nougat 7.1.1) Chrome, with Google Data Saver Extension on, clicked links are routed through Google's servers. Does this in any way thwart MB web protection with respect to the link actually clicked?
  7. I notice that under Windows Chrome, with Google Data Saver Extension on, clicked links are routed through Google's servers. Does this in any way thwart MBAM Web Protection with respect to the link actually clicked?
  8. I assume MBAM Exclusions will recognize this bash.exe in Sysnative as being equivalent to that under System32?
  9. Correction. I do see where to type in a path in the MBAM window.
  10. Hi. I do not see how to type in anything in the MBAM windows? I have to follow the clickable entries. I also do not see Sysnative in Iexplorer. I am familiar with this path, as I use it in some of Cygwin scripts. Lester
  11. I can see it now -- it just took awhile to come up. Thanks.
  12. I can see xlss just fine in File Explorer, but not in the MBAM Window, even after unchecking the protected option? I can see that you see it ...
  13. Ried: As far as I can tell, 3.04 and 3.05 seem to be working fine on our two Thinkpads -- with that folder not present. Thanks. Lester
  14. I have the same issues with version 3.05, which I patched over 3.04 and rebooted today.
  15. The shortcut generated by the install of Windows Bash is C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe ~ to go the home dir. MBAM Exclusion windows cannot see this file. The actual Ubuntu stuff is under c:/Users/ingber/AppData/Local/lxss/rootfs/ , e.g., bash is at c:/Users/ingber/AppData/Local/lxss/rootfs/bin/bash However, MBAM Exclusion windows cannot see the directory/folder lxss/ . I do not understand why MBAM cannot see these ... For example, in MBARW beta, bash triggered a quarantine and reboot, so it must see it somehow?