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  1. I will see if that works for now, I will update again if anything else happens.
  2. By the way here's how many times it detected Discord as a Trojan
  3. Sure, here it is. It was also detecting game center as a trojan so I added it in there as well but now its Just doing it with Discord.
  4. Yeah its blocking my connection to discord, as well so I can't send messages to anyone. Even though I have already added it in the exclusion list hopefully it gets fixed soon ,--,
  5. Malwarebytes keeps detecting Discord as a trojan and I already added it as an exclusion discordlog.txt
  6. Ah that makes sense, I changed all my passwords just to be on the safe side.
  7. Not sure what an FP is but glad it's fixed now it had me worried and a bit paranoid lol
  8. Yeah, same thing I also tried another anti malware as well and it also detected Malwarebytes as a troj/invo-zip? I'm not really sure what that is. In Malwarebytes its just listed as password stealer but after the fresh reinstall its no longer detecting it. But the other antivirus I am using is detecting it so I am not sure what to think..
  9. Malwarebytes is detecting it self as a password stealer and deleting its updater I am not really sure why but I uninstalled malwarebytes just in case and reinstalled a fresh copy of the software and see if it will still do it. malwarelog.txt
  10. I was using the MMD cats plugin when it happened, never had this problem before so I'm not sure what caused the false flag
  11. blendercrash.txt Here's my crash log as well if you wanna look at it
  12. I'm having this same issue as well, I was doing something in Blender and all of a sudden it crashed when I was using the cats plugin https://prnt.sc/voet5y
  13. Yes, I did manage to fix the issue, I re downloaded the software from the downloads page where your key is usually listed and re installed it, and it seems to have fixed it. But if it is an actual problem then I guess I don't have to feel too bad feeling like a big dumb haha xD
  14. So I did a factory reset on my PC to fix some stupid issue I was having, I did deactivate MB before continuing the factory reset, but now after I have done all that and my issue is fixed, all the buttons on the Malwarebytes software is greyed out and I'm unable to click on any of the icons inside Malwarebytes? As you can see every thing is greyed out and I can't click on anything this is a new fresh installation of Malwarebytes
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