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  1. Hello, Indeed this is a false positive by our heuristic detections. It will be fixed in an upcoming update. Thanks for reporting!
  2. Hello, Indeed this is a false positive from our heuristics detection. It will be fixed in an upcoming db update. Thanks for reporting!
  3. Hello, This indeed was a false positive by our heuristics detection. It will be fixed. Thank you for reporting!
  4. Hello, I am unable to reproduce the detection. Can you advise your user(s) to make sure they have the latest component updates and try again? They should get a notification that a software update is available if they don't already have it. We recently pushed out some updates to improve our heuristic detections. In any case, it should no longer be detected. Thanks for reporting!
  5. Hello, We are looking into this. Thank you for reporting!
  6. Hello, I cannot reproduce the detection. Are you still seeing it? The file was whitelisted so you shouldn't see it any more. Can you confirm?
  7. Hello, I cannot reproduce detection on the file you linked to at virustotal, nor can I reproduce a block on the URL you provided. Can you provide a log of the detection if you are still seeing it please?
  8. Hello, The file is no longer available. Not sure what happened to it. Curious.. how big is this file? Thank you,
  9. Thank you for getting back. If you install it again and get the same detection, please try to get the file being detected.
  10. Hello, Can you please zip and attach a copy of: C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\20AEDF74.MSI C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER Copy/pasting the above path into an open explorer window will make it easier to access it. (this folder is a hidden system folder) That will take you right to the folder and make it easier to find the above file. Once found, zip it and attach here. Thanks
  11. Good to hear. Thanks for reporting!
  12. Thank you Hubbs for reporting. @gmariani405 - resolved for you as well?
  13. Hello, I see this has been fixed. Can you confirm?
  14. Hello, Thanks for the report. Indeed it is a false positive. It should be fixed shortly.
  15. Hello, Thank you for the report. It looks like it has already been fixed. I cannot reproduce the detection. Can you confirm?
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