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  1. Good to hear. Thanks for reporting!
  2. Thank you Hubbs for reporting. @gmariani405 - resolved for you as well?
  3. Hello, I see this has been fixed. Can you confirm?
  4. Hello, Thanks for the report. Indeed it is a false positive. It should be fixed shortly.
  5. Hello, Thank you for the report. It looks like it has already been fixed. I cannot reproduce the detection. Can you confirm?
  6. Hello, Thank you for the report. Indeed it is a false positive. An update will be done shortly to fix this.
  7. Hello, This has been fixed. Please ensure MBAM is up to date and confirm? Thanks for reporting!
  8. Hello, Indeed it is a false positive by our heuristic engine. This will be fixed shortly.
  9. Hello, I was able to download the file from the virustotal site. I think it will be too big to attach here. You can zip/attach the log as requested though please. It looks to be a false positive by the engines on Virustotal. Some antivirus flag on packers that are often used by malware creators. We'll take a closer look though to be sure.
  10. Good to hear. Thanks again for reporting!
  11. Hello, Please still provide the logs Bob asked for but it does look like the issue was fixed. Can you confirm? Thanks for reporting!
  12. Hello, Looks like this was fixed. Can you confirm?
  13. Hello, Can you please attach a copy of the file in question (zip it first before attaching) If that is difficult, please upload a copy of the file in question to this site: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload Let it scan, once done please post the resulting link here. Thanks!
  14. Hello, Can you restore the file from quarantine, zip a copy and attach it here please? It needs to be zipped to attach. Thanks!
  15. Hello, It looks like it is a heuristic detection because the file is showing abnormalities. It would not be able to execute due to these abnormalities. So it is not dangerous itself because it will not run but it does look like it was corrupted at some time.
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