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  1. Hello, Thank you for reporting. Having a look now. I'll get back to you once I have a look.
  2. Thank you for the report. Confirmed False positive and fixed.
  3. Hello, I am not seeing a detection on this file. Are you still seeing this @Chas4?
  4. Hello, No hits here either. This was fixed May 21st. Might want to check your mail server is getting updates in a timely manner.
  5. Hello, I am not seeing any hits on my machine so it looks to have been fixed already. As stated by above, VT is sometimes slow in catching up.
  6. Hello, Thank you for reporting. This has been fixed already. Sometimes VT takes a bit of time to catch up on their engine/database updates. I am not seeing the hit on my machine.
  7. Hello again, Indeed this is a false positive by our heuristic engine. It is fixed now and you should see results in a few minutes.
  8. Hello, Thank you for reporting. I am having a look now and will reply back once I am done analysis.
  9. Hello, Thank you for reporting. This should be fixed shortly.
  10. Thank you for reporting. This should be fixed shortly.
  11. Hello, Can you zip and attach a sample file please along with a log of the detection? Thank you,
  12. Hello, Thanks for reporting. This has already been fixed. Please ensure MBAM is up to date and a re-scan should show clean.
  13. Hello, This has been fixed. It should only be a few minutes from time of this reply to when you can use the app. Thanks for reporting!
  14. Hello, Yes please post the logs. File too if possible. Thank you,
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