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  1. Hello, I cannot reproduce the detection. If you re-scan, are you still seeing it?
  2. Awesome. Looks like you are good to go. Any further issues, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
  3. Did you delete the files from recycle bin that were in the test folder? If they are still in the trash, can you restore them back to the test folder, rescan that folder and post the new log here please. If you already emptied the trash, then you can go ahead and delete the test folder we made too. As long as everything is running OK, we won't need that folder any more. Thanks!
  4. Decent chance that next time you run a program that requires the old .NET you will likely be offered to re-install it. (if anything is using such an old version) In any case, I just realised you are running an older version of MBAM itself. -Software Information- Version: We are currently at which should fix the issues with those files. If you are not already being prompted to update, open MBAM >> click the gear looking button at top right>> click "check for updates". Follow instructions for installing the updates. You may be required to reboot. S
  5. Those sub directories in the assembly folder have many versions of .NET files from multiple versions of .NET. Perhaps you don't see any errors now but I wouldn't be all that surprised if something pops up later on. Those files are legit. Something in our heuristics detected them. I suspect the issue has already been fixed. I'm not sure which version you would need to re-install. Let me see if I can find someone else to pop in to have a look here. Don't delete anything else ...
  6. If you mean delete the files out of the original location (out of the assembly\....\ folder, no.. don't delete them. They are part of your .NET install. If you mean, the files you copied to "test" using cmd, yes, you can delete those. Let's try this: Shut down Malwarebytes by right clicking icon by the clock and choose "shutdown Malwarebytes" (OK UAC prompt and prompt from MBAM if asked) Open cmd again (search menu>> search for cmd>> right click and run as admin). Copy/paste the following lines one at a time into cmd and hit enter after each one: cd C:\ProgramDa
  7. Thank you for the files. I can't repro the detection. Are you still seeing detections on those files with fresh scan?
  8. Ahh yes, I forgot about that. The assembly folder is a bit special lol.. Windows explorer does not display files in the assembly folder like other folders. We'll have to grab some copies using good ole cmd. If you are unsure of the instructions, please let me know before proceeding. Create a folder in c:\ and name it "test" (let's use this name so the below works as I want it to) In the search box by your start menu, search for cmd Once results show, right click the cmd.exe result and click "run as administrator". OK the UAC prompt if you get one. Copy the following lines one
  9. Hello, Can you zip and attach a few of the files please? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the file and update. Good to hear it is working again. Any further issues, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
  11. Thank you for the log Cheri, It looks like the heuristics were fixed to not detect this any more. Can you go ahead and restore the file from quarantine (instructions on same page as how to generate logs) Once that is done, please zip and attach the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\SIL\PcPatrBrowser\bin\Release\PcPatrBrowserExe.exe I just want to verify a few things. Thank you!
  12. You can find the instructions for getting a log here: Thank you,
  13. Hello, Can you please provide a log file of the detection please? Thank you.
  14. Hello, Can you provide a log file of the detection and/or a zipped copy of the file please?
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