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  1. Makes sense... Is there a table that dictates what kind of reactions you need for community reputation/ rank?
  2. Does anybody know how you increase your rank/ community reputation on this platform? I've seen this functionality appear on my profile, but I'm not entirely sure how it works... Is it something for instance, that only staff members have influence over? Or, is it the case that this is something that generally applies to every person who is a member of Malwarebytes Forums? I'm eager to hear the answer!
  3. Can't find that fixlist.txt file... So... I've run the Farbar application on my desktop, after having saved that fix list application on my desktop, but I can't seem to locate the fixlog.txt file that you mentioned... Where should I go from here? I have attached a malwarebytes scan, but I'm not entirely sure how useful that may be to you... I'm hoping that it may eliminate the fear that I might be infected... Virus test Malwarebytes 17.03.2021.txt
  4. So... Yesterday afternoon, I posted something in relation to an Iphone 11 scam a family relative came across... Now, I think I may have been infected via the live link that may have been part of that scam/ virus. I think this for a variety of reasons, the main one in all this being that my computer, when I finally booted it up, was very slow to function. I had, however, recently installed an anti-virus the night before- and this antivirus said that it was the interaction with Malwarebytes that may have made my PC slow... However, weird things happened like my keyboard typings were all jumbled when I knew I was typing the right letters, none of my searches that I typed into google returned anything, etc. For the reasons above, I think my computer might be infected. This said, however, I think the issue may have alleviated itself slightly by the removal of said antivirus software (I know this is against the advice on the original forum post but I was REALLY desperate to get my computer back in some shape or form... Farbar file #1.txt FARBAR file #2.txt Malwarebytes report 16.03.2021.txt
  5. I'm on this page as I have been receiving mixed messages on a diagnosis which I have on a computer which I have been using. I had recieved this diagnosis Monday of last week that my computer has had a computer virus on it which had meant that it was running slower than usual. This is despite me having installed the Premium version of Malwarebytes back in December of last year. I wish to verify these claims. I have already sent in a log of the computer it was on, but, now that I have read through your help on the subject, I have to say that I am still confused as to what 'bit' I fall in 32 or 64 as my computer is a windows ten Laptop. It may be the case that I have already done this through your malwarebytes support tool, and if so, it would aid me greatly if I could get the results of this scan as it would be a reassurance that the programme is working as it should do because, this diagnosis of a virus has really knocked my confidence in Malwarebytes. Look forward to hearing from what you have to say on this subject. Please don't keep me waiting- I've been having this issue for just over one week now.
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