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  1. When I did a manual scan all is OK. I was able to quarantine. When another scan is run by Malwarebytes I will check to see if I have the same problem. Thanks.
  2. I was under the impression in earlier versions that no matter how the infected file was found, those files could be deleted. Thanks Flyer172
  3. The scan results have a blue check mark on the left side of the screen. I will also work on downloading the tool.
  4. When reviewing the results of the scan I click "Quarantine". Then I have a choice of Cancel, Always Ignore, or Ignore Once. Are the items quarantined ? I am unable to determine this from the interface even though in the options or settings the slider says "Always Quarantine". How do I delete the Quarantined items? The interface needs some work to eliminate confusion. Not sure I like this new layout. When I close the scan results the message says the items will stay on my computer. Huh ??? Very confusing.
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