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  1. Hi, I have some problems with my PC so I decided to run Malwarebytes to see if it could find something. It didn't find anything at first so I went for a personalized scan than would detect rootkits but it crashes mid-exam, I get the BSOD with KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR and I get the to the BIOS. I have to force my PC to shut down because restart won't get me out of the BIOS. So far I have attempted three scans with the rootkits option enabled in with different hard drives and everytime it crashes. I did have virus a long time ago and I fear I might have not delete everything which could cause me other PC problems. What can I do to finally be able to finish the scan? All other scans show nothing.
  2. When a scheduled scan is running it is VERY slow and I UNDERSTAND that this intended by design to not interfere with other tasks. However, there is no method to tell the scan to speed up as if I had manually started the scan. Today on a SSD, it had taken 4 hours to scan 200,000+ files. Ultimately, I gave up, started the scan over and it finished quickly. That said, it had to re-scan the 200,000+ files that it had just finished. Please allow a scan that is already running to be commanded to speed up to the manual scan speed. Thank you.
  3. I've been wanting to ask this question for a while now but didn't find anything related to this so I just ignored it. My space on the C drive is decreasing ever so slightly. Within 2 days I lost 4gb worth of storage and it seems to be decreasing drastically after scanning with malwarebytes. At first, because I was installing Creative Cloud/Steam and Unreal Engine I thought its a necessary decrease but after a while I observed that every Malwarebytes scan is taking up more storage than supposed to. Ran disk cleanup but only 200MB of junk was found. I just reset windows completely in fear of a trojan but this phenomenon still appears. I currently have the trial version of malwarebytes, real time protection is on so the possibility of an infection seems extremely low, as I just reset my pc and barely even have any software installed (all games and software are installed on a different drive as well). Should this happen? How do I know if I am infected when malwarebytes says I'm not? Could it be something else? Help.
  4. I have noticed that we can see when the endpoint started and ended a scan, but if a endpoint is running slow and we believe a scan is running, there is no way to tell if the endpoint is actually running a scan from the cloud side. I am fairly certain that the agent can tell if it is running a scan and if so upload to the cloud in events that "scan is currently running" or something.
  5. A few days ago Malwarebytes detected a trojan in my PC and I deleted the infected file (ISO file). Now the program continues detecting connections to dangerous sites (image) but the scan does not detect anything. How can I fix this problem? I have the Malwarebytes Premium Trial 4.3.0. I need help, thank you. ScanReport.txt RTPdetection.txt RTPdetection2.txt
  6. So as i was using MalwareBytes my device found 43 detections as it was sending them to quarantine it was stuck on removing 4 out of 43 it has been 4 hours since and it still hasn't been removed , i have 4 gigabytes of ram and no background applications were running . So can anyone help me?
  7. Hi, I am encountering the following error whenever I try to manually check for updates from the setting menu or perform a scan: "Something went wrong - One or more items in the current update did not complete successfully. Please check your internet connetion and try again. If you need more help, visit our support site." Also note the spelling mistake in the error message (i.e. 'connetion' should've been 'connection') not relevant by any means and I misspell often myself but just putting it out there just in case. There's nothing wrong with my internet and restarting my computer also didn't help. This was installed onto a new Windows 10 Computer, with all current updates as of yesterday. I also have an older built computer, with same OS, updates and MBAM version/updates and also seeing the same issue with that one as well.
  8. When i do a scan i malwarebytes it goes from 1000 files scanned to 185K in a second, how does this happen?
  9. Hello, I might have an issue with the Premium trial version of Malwarebytes 4.1.0 I have installed few days ago. (I had a doubt concerning the number of files well scanned by Avast Mobile App on my smartphone. So I decided to do it with Malwarebytes but unfortunately, my smartphone is too old for the last version of Malwarebytes. So, I decided to do the same with my computer (Windows 7).) I previously analyzed my whole computer with Avast antivirus free version and also with Antivir free version. Each AV has scanned respectively 1,543,862 files in 3h41 and 2,536,526 in 3h55 (1,000,000 more than Avast). And with Malwarebytes, this one only has found 523,124 items in 7h56. (Adding numbers of files in C: and D: HDDs is equal to a little bit less the 400,000 files (regarding Properties windows).) Would you know why there is a such difference between Malwarebytes and the other AVs? Is it due to the "items" category choosen for the analyze ("file" noun is used in other AVs.). Or is it about potential hidden files? However, if I scan only the SD card of my smartphone for example, the contrary happens: Malwarebytes finds ~120,000 files in 9min but only 3,500 with Avast or ESET Online Scanner. (There are 3500 files according Properties window in the SD card). Thanks for your help. Regards.
  10. Hello, I clicked on my Malwarebytes icon to run a scan, but a pop-up message appeared that said, "Unable to connect the service." How should I proceed? If I re-install, will I be able to utilize the same license and license key numbers, or will I have to purchaser a new one? Your advice would be appreciated. Regards, Fred
  11. In addition, my computer's overall performance has slowed significantly as well. Opening web pages and applications takes much longer than it usually did. Something even as simple as right-clicking a file will take close to a minute to open the menu. My detection history shows some detections in the past few days, so I am suspecting that that may be the culprit, however my most recent threat scans have shown no threats detected or quarantined. I have attached my FRST.txt, Addition.txt, a screenshot of my threat scan checking for updates, a screenshot of my detection history, and the log of my most recent successful threat scan. Addition.txt FRST.txt log.txt
  12. I was sent here from https:// forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/254035-mwb-scan-hangs after they could not figure out the problem and thought you'd be interested. I am experienced with computers and do not believe I have a malware problem but it is curious MWB scan hangs during the file scan phase although the timer advances. You can see various things have been tried, cleanups done, etc. but there is still a problem with the scan. Anyone care to try to figure this out?
  13. It actually was hanging up too but I have yet to Re-up my premium account status and follow up on troubleshooting as I have been swamped with work. I will get to it this weekend
  14. I have tried, (seemingly), every method to rid my computer of a browser redirect virus. Chrome's "clean-up" doesnt detect anything, and neither does the malwarebyte scanner. The virus doesnt appear to act like any other i've seen or read about. Google is still the default browser, and is only redirected when i click on a link provided by a google search. In which case, a new window is opened with the link, with the original window turning into a yahoo search result with the original search. Again, i have tried restoring windows, uninstalling chrome completely, scanning with both chrome tools and malwarebytes, but have come to no avail.
  15. I have never had or suspected a virus or malware issue on my machine. It's old. Used to be Win 7 and now Win 10. This all started with me being excited about the new MWB 4.0 so I installed and ran a scan. SCAN NEVER COMPLETES. Timer continues but scan has stopped in various places including Checking for updates section once and other places but usually in the file scan (last) section. Previous MWB help could not solve and suggested I go here due to this and other things they saw which I suspect are harmless and due to other protective software I use and have used. I uninstalled AVAST and enabled and ran WIndows Defender to find nothing except the EICAR virus test file I have. I reran the MWB installer and reran scan. Again, hung. This time on last section item 164,161 (this varies). I ran FRST64.exe and attached logs. Thanks for your help. Very odd the scan will not complete. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. I've tried twice to do a scan with MWB 4 and the file counter stops around 137,333 even though the timer advances. I've let it sit for quite a while and cancelled after 3.5 hours. I didn't see any way to display what (file) is currently being scanned. Is this normal and should I just let it go for as long as it takes? Thank you. Windows 10
  17. just downloaded this new version of malwarebytes for home use on windows on a HP laptop with windows 10 - on the new malwarebytes for windows the words are blocked out (see picture)
  18. When I first started using Malwarebytes (many years ago), I could scan the c:/ drive on my computer, as well as the m:/ drive. I have no problem doing a scan of the c:/ drive. However, I cannot set up a scan of the m:/ drive. Please help. I need to be able to scan the external m:/ drive.
  19. When reviewing the results of the scan I click "Quarantine". Then I have a choice of Cancel, Always Ignore, or Ignore Once. Are the items quarantined ? I am unable to determine this from the interface even though in the options or settings the slider says "Always Quarantine". How do I delete the Quarantined items? The interface needs some work to eliminate confusion. Not sure I like this new layout. When I close the scan results the message says the items will stay on my computer. Huh ??? Very confusing.
  20. Hi, I have Win7 PC and LAN connections to a MFC-J615W brother printer. Fax-,Print- and copy mode are working fine. But if I want to scan a document the error message occurs: check connention, printer could not be found etc. I searched the internet many hours to find out the reason, no success. Could it be, that Malwarebytes block this operation. I'm waiting for your information and thanks in advance (My nativer language is German....) Muschel
  21. I have 32 items ( see att) that appear daily. I can't seem to delete them permanently, I must be doing something wrong, but with age cannot recall how I should proceed. Can someone, please help or remind me. The entries nearly all relate to PUPs, but how do I find the extension that is causing the problem and remove that to solve matter? I am using Premium (free) 3.7.1 summary mbites.txt
  22. Hi there, Is there any ability coming or presently in Malwarebytes for MAC that allows custom scanning of other disks, such as an external drive or other internal drive? This would benefit greatly. Consider it feedback if it's not there!
  23. ✌️✌️😋Hey guys, im new in the forum and with Malwarebytes.👋👋 😞Just finished a scan and i got a few threats,😤 im looking to know the best course of action, and if i have to worry about the results. 😅In the TXT you will find my first scan, i already put them in quarentine, i should delete them? 🤔 Thanks in advance! 1.txt
  24. Hi there, I'm new to this but I can't find an answer to this or anything similar, sorry. I liked and used Trend Micro's Dr Cleaner - it is free, minimal resources and lets you know what it is doing, freeing up memory and disc space on the fly on software removal (something I do a lot as I try random bits of software and find out it doesn't do what you have been led to believe it will do!) but Apple decided that Trends reporting your usage back to Trend violated privacy rules Apple banned it. It now has been removed from the Apple store but I still have a copy but Malwarebytes has found it and keeps putting it in quarantine. My question is is there any way to ask/tell Malwarebytes to ignore this application? Unless you feel it's a much worse threat than I'm aware of and I will abide by the advice of Apple and Malwarebytes.
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