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  1. OK, maybe not, sorry for the interruption. I was noticing the ports only at first; now I see mine are all from the same IP (which resolves to "Cloudovs Vietnam").
  2. I just started receiving these incessantly as well. I think it may be something outside of our PCs- maybe an over cautious new set of threat definitions, or some hackathon going on somewhere in the wild.
  3. I installed the new version a couple hours ago. No BSODs (yes, I had a four our five of them along with my 30-40 hard freezes) but I did have a few anomalies so far, which may or may not be related. One was opening a text file in Notepad++. It just hung and I had to force-close the window. Worked fine the next time. The other was typing text into a web browser (chrome) window. It echoed the first three characters I typed, but it took about 10 seconds for the next characters to appear.
  4. Also, a totally anecdotal observation: Not always, but a large percentage of my hangs seemed to be at or very near the top of the hour (like :00, :01, :02). I didn't track this, so it may just be Clustering Illusion, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. And the amount of spam email these days helped form this observation also- I'd come home/wake up to a frozen PC, and after I power cycled, I could see the timestamp on the last received email...so for instance the last one was 4:58, and after outlook again started pulling down new messages the next one would be like 5:02. Again not scientific, and may just be a false observation, but it was enough to cause me to scour logs and the windows scheduler to see if I could find any task or messages that happened at the top of the hour.
  5. Thanks Telliege. I disabled Web- we'll see what happens. I'm far from an MWB power user- I pretty much install it and let it do its thing, so I'm not familiar with much of the vernacular...
  6. Thanks to user LavaLamps for pointing me here from sevenforums. And a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to axe0 over at sevenforums who has been working with me for 3+ weeks now trying to troubleshoot my consistent hangs and occasional BSODs. The most suspect component (as usual) was the NVIDA drivers. I tried pretty much every version of driver out there. I bought a "new" video card (same model) to replace mine to see it was a hardware issue. Didn't help. Finally went out and replaced the NVIDIA based card with a RADEON based card. No good. I actually had a new Win10 system in my shopping cart and almost pulled the trigger, but I don't have the cycles at this point in time to migrate to a new PC. I break out in a cold sweat thinking about re-installing / migrating Outlook, One Note, Adobe Acrobat full, AcrGIS Pro, Visio, ent other license-based components. I know someday I will have to, but I'm smack dab in the middle of a boatload of stuff right now and besides, my system really ones well (ya know, aside from the hangs!!!) What's my best move for the short-term: disable realtime protection??
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