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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I recently removed an adware called Adware.Simpliclean using adwcleaner, and shortly after that I started getting Inbound Connection attempts from (which is an address from Holland, apparently known to try to spread malware, do brute force attacks, etc). I'm currently using Malwarebytes Premium Trial, which has successfully been able to block all attempts to connect. I've scanned my system a couple of times, and I have not gotten any more malware, but these inbound connections keep being blocked. Do I still have anything on my system that is prompting these attempts? If it's worth mentioning, I keep getting these warnings even when I don't have any browsers running. I have attached malwarebytes threatscan log, as well as Farbar Recovery Scan Tool logs. Malwarebytes Threat Scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. For some reason amazon.com and amazon.co.uk will not load on my computer (chrome, edge, firefox). I get a "this website cannot be reached. Took to long to respond" message. My hotmail account on the Windows 10 mail app will also not receive or send e-mails. However, I am able to access my hotmail account via web browser and my gmail account on the same mail app can send and receive e-mails. Both of these problems appear to have occurred around the same time. I am assuming that they are related and that it is malware related. Things I've tried: - disabling windows defender - Running MalwareBytes - Anti-Virus scan - quitting Malwarebytes - Checking hosts file - Clearing browser cash + dns Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello, On recent review of VirusTotal MalwareBytes has the domain listed our domain as a Phishing website The platform does not contain malware. Our IP Address is: Our domain is alphabroker.com.au Can you please remove this block from our website? If you require any further information please don't hesitate to ask. Thanking you in advance
  4. I have Malwarebytes Premium I've been getting this "Website Blocked" popup off and on since yesterday. It seems to occur most on Facebook. Any thoughts on handling it ?
  5. Thanks for your help. I've been getting about 10 "Blocked Websites" a day for the past 3 days or so. The IP is always the same, but the ports change and I haven't seen the same port used twice. Also, yesterday, I went to a normal site, Google or something, and a ransomware/hijacking page popped-up immediately warning me with loud audio to not touch my machine, etc. I had my laptop unplugged and battery out w/in 5 seconds so I can't say any more about it, except that it was an obvious browser hijacking. I'm mad paranoid about having an issue, even though aside from these two issues, there's no hard evidence of infection. I followed your instructions and have attached the log files. Thanks! Farbar Recovery Scan Tool X MB-Check X mb-check-results-AMISHCYBORG.zip
  6. While browsing in Google Chrome I will occasionally encounter a distracting barrage of "Website blocked" popups. The message provides domain & IP information, etc. on the malicious site, but does not indicate which open tab in the browser is responsible. I would prefer to simply avoid sites which embed links to the malicious ones, but at this point I am reduced to a trial-and-error approach--tough when there are 30+ tabs open. Am I missing something? Does Malwarebytes/MBAM (Premium v.3.3.1) provide a way to view this information? If not, would you consider this as a possible feature to be added? Perhaps a function button such as "Identify Malware Source Page" on the popup window?
  7. Hello, Recently we upgraded my wife's computer and did a clean install of windows 7 64 bit. After updating Windows, installing Avira Free Anti Virus, and Malwarebytes, I then connected the old hard drive, booted with a live update of Linux Mint, and after a ClamTK scan began to selectively move files, documents, photos, downloads, etc. to the new hard drive. I had thought all was well, and recently turned over the computer to my wife. The first incident was on the administrator account, while down loading games on steam and origin. She was modifying configuration files for the sims 2 as in this link: https://simsvip.com/2014/07/20/the-sims-2-ultimate-collection-increase-resolution-guide/ , and a few minutes later received a popup stating that avira had blocked access to the registry. The log contains there entries: 10/9/2017,21:43:09 [INFO] Avira Free Antivirus has scanned the following file: C:\Windows\System32\services.exe [INFO] Scan mode: Reading [INFO] Scan time: 1 ms [INFO] Process ID: 564 10/9/2017,21:43:09 [INFO] Product scanning mode 1 deactivated (APC) 10/9/2017,21:43:09 [INFO] Retry 1 for the file 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe'. SHA256 = 6D93EF21DB9BFFACC1241E823F9BB7719B9395D64BBF952874CFF015B7930D92 10/9/2017,21:43:11 [INFO] Retry 2 for the file 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe'. SHA256 = 6D93EF21DB9BFFACC1241E823F9BB7719B9395D64BBF952874CFF015B7930D92 10/9/2017,21:43:13 [INFO] Retry 3 for the file 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe'. SHA256 = 6D93EF21DB9BFFACC1241E823F9BB7719B9395D64BBF952874CFF015B7930D92 10/9/2017,21:43:15 [INFO] Retry 4 for the file 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe'. SHA256 = 6D93EF21DB9BFFACC1241E823F9BB7719B9395D64BBF952874CFF015B7930D92 10/9/2017,21:43:17 [WARNING] The Protection Cloud scan of file 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe' completed with the error code 0x490. SHA256 = 6D93EF21DB9BFFACC1241E823F9BB7719B9395D64BBF952874CFF015B7930D92 10/9/2017,21:43:17 [INFO] Avira Free Antivirus has scanned the following file: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe [INFO] Scan mode: Reading [INFO] Scan time: 8182 ms and : 10/9/2017,21:43:25 [WARNING] A suspicious attempt to access the registry was blocked! HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\userinit 10/9/2017,21:44:02 [INFO] Avira Free Antivirus has scanned the following file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rasapi32.dll I tried to start a scan with malware bytes and had a popup that said: Malwarebyte's was unable to install the Anti-RootKit DDA Driver. This may be due to rootkit activity, we recommend restarting so Malwarebytes can attempt to install the driver. I restarted, loaded linux mint on the liveusb again, updated clam tk, scanned, submitted files to virus total, and quarantined anything that got more than one positive , including one of the bigger names, usually webroot. Believing everything was probably fine now I turned her loose on a regular account after setting it up. All seemed fine until surfing the web. We had a website block protection event involving q.dreniq.com on ports 55960-55962. Looking up dreniq on google lead to forum posts here. Currently we are running up to date antivir, Malwarebytes, and Process Explorer. All scannable results seem to be OK on the virus total check, and seem to be verified. Are we in trouble? Any help would be appreciated. Included are farbar logs and a m Malwarebytes protection event log. malwarebytes block log.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  8. Greetings! If you're in the US, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Thanks in advance for your help with this! On 11/20 (sorry I haven't opened a report before this but the holidays are busy) I got a notice on my laptop about a blocked website. The block notices started at 2:33 pm and stopped at 4:32 pm, so roughly 2 hours. I keep Malwarebytes updated and consider myself a savvy web and email user (I work in IT) so I'm very mindful of malware. That said, I also run CCleaner, and a few months ago I downloaded a malware infected update for that software that had been planted on their site. As soon as the malware was detected I cleaned my system (the only infected files found were part of CCleaner). However, as you know that doesn't mean that nothing malicious was installed on my system and just hasn't been detected yet. Anyway, having read the forums about this block notice I have already run the November MS Malicious Software Removal Tool and it reported that there are 0 infected files. Here is the export of the first protection event: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 11/20/17 Protection Event Time: 2:33 PM Log File: ac6c09d4-ce29-11e7-b41d-00ff8c74eff2.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.236 Update Package Version: 1.0.3304 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Domain: IP Address: Port: [68] Type: Outbound File: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (end) Please let me know if you need additional troubleshooting details and if I have a genuine malware problem or if this is a false positive. Many thanks, happy holidays, April
  9. Hi, Just a few minutes ago (around 2:13 PM EST), I started getting Website blocked popups from Malware Bytes premium every 15 seconds. This is the popup: Ran a quick scan and it was clean: Here is my version: Also, here's a sample Report from one of the many:
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