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  1. Good evening. I was browsing Twitter a few minutes ago, and I clicked a link to a blog. My Malwarebytes Pro popped up saying the connection to the website was blocked by it because the website hosed a trojan (can't remember the exact wording, but it was something to that effect). I also had HTTPS Everywhere stating it was blocking connection because of it not being a secured website. Do I need to do anything else, or am I okay? I've included a copy of the .txt file describing the event. If I could get a staff member or expert to look into this, I'd greatly appreciate it as this is on my w
  2. One of our customer who is MalwareBytes user reported to us that our website is blocked by MalwareByters in their windows PC. Our website has no history of hack. We did migrate it from one hosting to other recently but that should not flag site as malicious. Here is Sucuri check: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/unlimitedwp.com We do have paid Sucuri on website where website gets monitored for malware routinely. Google safe browsing: https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=https:%2F%2Fwww.unlimitedwp.com Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/g
  3. Hi, Our business website https://wlpayments.com has been marked as malware containing trojan. Our customers are seeing the block notice whenever they are using the malwarebytes products. With this our customers are reluctant to visit the website and we are loosing business. Please look into this as soon as possible and let us know. Thanks,
  4. Hi My business website is blocked inacorrect. Website address www.rangtech.com. attached is the screenshot for your reference. It is being blocked by eero secure who are using Malwarebytes at back-end. Request you remove this as soon as possible.
  5. Why does Malwarebytes have such an awful redirect when using Chrome? I have no idea how to fix this issue. I tried to access the Canadian government website and Malwarebytes reports this as Phishing. Come on this is sad. Please fix this. My subscription is up for renewal in a few months. If I can't even use a basic government website, I don't see a reason to renew my subscription with you guys. Attached is the warning and the government website is below. Click on. :REQUEST A LIAISON OFFICER SERVICE and watch Malwarebytes deny all access. https://www.canada.ca/en/re
  6. Hi support team! Hope you are doing well. I was hoping that you could remove the block on www.Baltimore.EcoMap.tech and www.EcoMap.tech. A possible client recently reported that they could not access our site due to the block (see screenshot) While I understand .tech is not a common top-level domain, we are definitely not using it for malicious purposes and it is preventing clients from accessing our site. Likewise, we create subdomains (like Baltimore.EcoMap.Tech) for all of our client sites. Will I have to submit a new False-Positive report for each subdomain, or will removin
  7. Hi Admin I am the ower of www.berlinlasers.com. The website was hacked about 2 months ago (about malwares), and then cleaned on time. However, we are checking that website is still in your blacklist. Can you please check and remove from your blacklist? thanks for your help. Best regards Berlin Summer
  8. Hi, my laptop ran into a problem earlier today where it turned off by itself and was not turning back on for a couple of minutes. When I finally turned it back on I clicked the start menu and pressed the power button and it displayed that "there are no power options available". I also noticed that I could not access task manager and a error would pop up saying "task manager has been disabled by your administrator". I watched some youtube videos and fixed the power options problem but I had to download malwarebytes to fix the task manager problem. I ran a scan and it quarantined PUM.Optional.Di
  9. Hi! I recently removed an adware called Adware.Simpliclean using adwcleaner, and shortly after that I started getting Inbound Connection attempts from (which is an address from Holland, apparently known to try to spread malware, do brute force attacks, etc). I'm currently using Malwarebytes Premium Trial, which has successfully been able to block all attempts to connect. I've scanned my system a couple of times, and I have not gotten any more malware, but these inbound connections keep being blocked. Do I still have anything on my system that is prompting these
  10. For some reason amazon.com and amazon.co.uk will not load on my computer (chrome, edge, firefox). I get a "this website cannot be reached. Took to long to respond" message. My hotmail account on the Windows 10 mail app will also not receive or send e-mails. However, I am able to access my hotmail account via web browser and my gmail account on the same mail app can send and receive e-mails. Both of these problems appear to have occurred around the same time. I am assuming that they are related and that it is malware related. Things I've tried: - disabling windows defender
  11. Hello, On recent review of VirusTotal MalwareBytes has the domain listed our domain as a Phishing website The platform does not contain malware. Our IP Address is: Our domain is alphabroker.com.au Can you please remove this block from our website? If you require any further information please don't hesitate to ask. Thanking you in advance
  12. I have Malwarebytes Premium I've been getting this "Website Blocked" popup off and on since yesterday. It seems to occur most on Facebook. Any thoughts on handling it ?
  13. Thanks for your help. I've been getting about 10 "Blocked Websites" a day for the past 3 days or so. The IP is always the same, but the ports change and I haven't seen the same port used twice. Also, yesterday, I went to a normal site, Google or something, and a ransomware/hijacking page popped-up immediately warning me with loud audio to not touch my machine, etc. I had my laptop unplugged and battery out w/in 5 seconds so I can't say any more about it, except that it was an obvious browser hijacking. I'm mad paranoid about having an issue, even though aside fro
  14. While browsing in Google Chrome I will occasionally encounter a distracting barrage of "Website blocked" popups. The message provides domain & IP information, etc. on the malicious site, but does not indicate which open tab in the browser is responsible. I would prefer to simply avoid sites which embed links to the malicious ones, but at this point I am reduced to a trial-and-error approach--tough when there are 30+ tabs open. Am I missing something? Does Malwarebytes/MBAM (Premium v.3.3.1) provide a way to view this information? If not, would you consider this as a possible feature t
  15. Hello, Recently we upgraded my wife's computer and did a clean install of windows 7 64 bit. After updating Windows, installing Avira Free Anti Virus, and Malwarebytes, I then connected the old hard drive, booted with a live update of Linux Mint, and after a ClamTK scan began to selectively move files, documents, photos, downloads, etc. to the new hard drive. I had thought all was well, and recently turned over the computer to my wife. The first incident was on the administrator account, while down loading games on steam and origin. She was modifying configuration files for the sims 2 as
  16. Greetings! If you're in the US, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Thanks in advance for your help with this! On 11/20 (sorry I haven't opened a report before this but the holidays are busy) I got a notice on my laptop about a blocked website. The block notices started at 2:33 pm and stopped at 4:32 pm, so roughly 2 hours. I keep Malwarebytes updated and consider myself a savvy web and email user (I work in IT) so I'm very mindful of malware. That said, I also run CCleaner, and a few months ago I downloaded a malware infected update for that software that had been planted on their sit
  17. Hi, Just a few minutes ago (around 2:13 PM EST), I started getting Website blocked popups from Malware Bytes premium every 15 seconds. This is the popup: Ran a quick scan and it was clean: Here is my version: Also, here's a sample Report from one of the many:
  18. Hello, This is my website: http://ivane.cu.cc It is clean and safe, but Malwarebytes blocked my site. Could you please check and solve this false positive.
  19. Hi, This is my second post to the forum. I had already informed that my website is marked as a "Phising" site by MalwareBytes hpHosts. Strangely, nobody else has marked us with any issue. We were informed earlier that the block will be removed and no action is taken. The topic was also closed without resolving the issue. We need an explanation of this arbitrary action and request a quick solution to this problem. VT Link: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/c8d81abcd7688b1772648be28a58baa57e2267fee59c9e38fcf1a2493744c64e/detection
  20. I updated MB today, I have the premium version, I have not stopped getting pop-ups saying different variations of coinhive is being blocked. I cleared my cache in Chrome, ran adware and that found nothing. The pop-ups will NOT stop I'm losing my mind. I haven't gone to any weird sites today just the normal deal I do every day. I scanned with Farbar and here are those results Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 29-09-2017 Ran by Effymaysims (administrator) on NORMAJEAN (29-09-2017 12:33:19) Running from C:\Users\Effymaysims\Desktop Loaded Profiles: E
  21. I just upgraded to premium - ran a scan and nothing detected. However am online now browsing and keep getting pop up about Website blocked, Domain coin-hive.com or ws00X.coin-hive.com where X is any digit, keeps changing. Similar to this issue Please help me to resolve, thanks!
  22. THIS WONT STOP. I NEED TO GET WORK DONE AND THIS JUST KEEPS GOING AND GOING AND GOING. I've tried shutting down, restarting, checking my database (it says it's up to date), adding an exception - nothing works! I need to get work done, I can't be distracted by this ENDLESS POP-UP! It's trying every single port. I suspect it is due to Microsoft Office 365, but I run a lot of Microsoft software, so it could be anything. I just need this pop-up to GO AWAY and NOT COME BACK (oh, and I also need Outlook 365 to work).
  23. The domain in question is "image.ibb.co" and MBAM, since I had it updated to 3.2 today, has flagged it. I don't know if that's for real or is it a false positive. It happens everytime I visit another forum but it's only coming from the URL of one's avatar uploaded there. Please put my mind at ease regarding this... thanks.
  24. My computer has been turned off for two weeks. When I turned it back on, it almost immediately started giving me a MWB "Website Blocked" box, with an outbound protocol. It comes up with the same IP. domain and filename every time, but a different port. It has ben popping up for over an hour now. I did a scan and it came up empty. I found the file, but cannot delete it. I seemed to rename it, but the new name started coming up o the box. I moved it and that didn't help. I can't find any info at all on the file or the listed website. I don't want to add it to the exclusion list until I know
  25. Why was my website sfdirectoryrblx.000webhosting.com blocked? it's fairly new and has almost NOTHING ON IT other than the 000webhost stuff before something is published on there.
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