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  1. This is very frustrating! I'm a Malwarebytes fan, and I am certainly an Iobit fan! - Your excuse can longer be that iobit uses pup files. This is a known entity that has a long standing record of producing quality products. These exclusions should already, by courtesy, be "excluded" from Malwarebytes. 

    We all know the reason they're not, and this brings up the question of ethical practices. Sure, they may be a competitor. You may already have a friendly relationship with AVG's new tools, or some other PC Fix tools provider. But in truth, aren't you just as interested in being loyal to your own base? Those who like your product, but also want to use iobit? You're not just just alienating iobit, you're alienating "your own fans(potential clients)"! 

    It's not like their files are constantly changing, or their software hasn't popped up on your radar, or that people like me haven't written before about this problem... It's that you don't want to do anything about it. Which leaves me with a real problem. You want me to "trust you" as a provider of quality products, yet within your own offering you "exclude" others with a selfish intent. 

    It's time to bury a hatchet and place iobit's files in exclusion of your filter search! I'm tired of my clients constantly calling me because you consistently change back to showing these files as threats, when you know they absolutely are NOT threats! Fix this! because it's more damaging to "your" image, than it is to theirs! 




  2. 1 minute ago, Ried said:

    Slow down and give people a chance to reply. :)

    That is not a template, I read exactly what you wrote out and gave you specific instructions on how to properly exclude such a large program.  It took time to add the bullet points for you - trust me, not a template.

    We are not going to discuss the 'why'.  The criteria is listed in the public post you were linked to.  We are not automatically removing it - it is detected as a Potentially Unwanted Program - emphasis on the Potentially

    I'm sure some respond with defensive negativity because they want to hear what they want to hear. I assure you, I did not post that response with the same type of aggressive demeanor. I was merely stating that my illustration showed I had already attempted to make it an exclusion. Where I failed was in explaining that I had also used the "always ignore" option, which is why I then went and added them to "exclusions" in the hopes that would fix the problem. 

    Also, we'll just have to agree to disagree on whether or not it's truly a PUP or not. :) But, whether it is or not, you and I both know that's not why it continues to appear. As you mentioned, those steps "should" resolve the issue of them popping back up in my scans. Yet, they still do every time. I will run another scan now and then post that scan result. Which of course will be "after" I have followed your above mentioned tasks again... :)

  3. 3 minutes ago, Ried said:

    There is no way to exclude registry keys via the Settings > Exclusions interface which is why I posted the instructions I have in Post #10.   Please scroll up to see my reply (you and I had posted at the same time)

    Thank you for clarification, and I apologize for not adding or clarifying myse,f that I have followed these procedures as I am a longstanding user of Malwarebytes, and a fan, as mentioned. But they're still showing up. My question might relate more to upgrades or updates? Does Malwarebytes see the file as a "different" or "new" file if the file name is the same, but the size or content has changed? 

    That is the only conclusion I could think of where it would be popping back up in my scans... Your thoughts?

  4. 3 minutes ago, Ried said:

    As Firefox mentioned,  setting the detections to Ignore Always will suffice and the program will no longer be detected.

    Launch Malwarebytes and on the left hand side, click 'Settings'

    • Next, click the 'Protection' tab and look for Potential Threat Protection
    • Change the PUP and PUM settings to 'Warn user about detections'
    • Scroll down to the very bottom and turn off 'Automatically Quarantine Detections'

    Reinstall the previously detected PUP program if needed, then run a Scan.  When the scan completes, uncheck the boxes next to all the detections.  To uncheck all of them at once, click the uppermost box next to the column title of 'Threats'

    You will now see a Next button -  click the Next button.

    In the Next pane, select 'Ignore always'.  After this, Malwarebytes will no longer detect that program.

    Please let me know how that worked out for you.

    With respect, I believe some responses here are just quickly browsing and dropping template answers without fully reading or comprehending the original post. Clearly my illustration shows they are "exclusions" and yet still showing up in scans. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, sjpritch25 said:

    I believe Malwarebytes has already commented on why they detect it as a PUP.  Not sure why we have to beat a dead horse.

    Very interesting defensive posture... No one is saying they don't "detect" it... Perhaps you should reread the original post. It clearly states that I am asking "why" they continue to show back up once I've put them in the "Exclusions" category.......

  6. 10 minutes ago, Firefox said:

    Have you ran a scan, waited for the items to be detected. Then uncheck all items, tell Malwarebytes to Remove items, then click Always Ignore?

    As for staff, lets see if we can get @bdubrow @nikhils or @Ried can help you with your concerns...

    Yes, of course.... Please see my attached pic it clearly shows the exceptions, and these are the same ones that pop up every time. 

  7. I'd like to thank those who have responded and am wondering why Malwarebytes or one of the professionals who represent this product has not responded. I know the delicate matter with this subject, but it's one that needs to be had. Both products will continue to have success and so both products will eventually need to learn how to coexist. That's the baseline of my concern here, and the fact I have to constantly pull out these files during a scan of my system, or my client's system. 

  8. Guys, I rarely make comments because in truth, the usually NEVER result in a positive outcome. People who WANT to continue doing what they're doing, do so any way... However, my frustration right now is trying to run Malwarebytes, a trusted source of mine, with iobit products, another "trusted" source of mine! I've even added their information in the "exclusions" tab, yet you continue to bring their products to your scan list every single time. Including the "exact" file listed in the exclusions..... 

    The only conclusion one can draw from such acts, is that you "absolutely" have a campaign against iobit products. As an IT professional, I've used their products almost since they first hit the internet around 2006 or so. As someone who is a military veteran, and a strong "anti-China" advocate, it might seem odd that I'm in support of this organization, but to date, there products have proven to be very effective and without incident. So why are so many antivirus, anti-malware companies attempting to thwart this great company? 

    I can imagine this is a very delicate subject. I'm very aware of the ongoing legal battles with some other entities, like AVG for example. But, I think enough is enough. So my question still stands in accordance with the actual topic here... Why are you still showing me these key files during a scan, when they are clearly listed in my exclusions preferences? 

    Thank you in advance for any "true comments" concerning this issue. Those who post irrelevant argument based upon their own personal like or dislike, will simply be ignored. I am looking for some kind of true explanation/justification for including their content in my scans. 

    Again, I am a big fan of Malwarebytes and will continue to be one. But, I am also a fan of Iobit and need to find some kind of common ground here. If you provide adequate information, that proves they are a threat, I'll gladly listen.. 


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