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  1. Saw this too. Removed it before I thought to check online (oops). It's now reporting another ten files as infected. Opened up a thread in the false positives section.
  2. Multiple NVIDIA files are being flagged as Trojan.Crypt. All files are located in the following directory, and its sub-directories: C:\PROGRAMDATA\NVIDIA\UPDATUS\PACKAGES ... and so on. This is on a separate computer than the one I am using at the moment, so no diagnostic files available at the moment. Version: Component package version: 1.0.103 Update package version: 1.0.2966
  3. Hello, Running into a problem where the program will not respect the changes I make to the update notification settings. I have Updates set to check every 5 days, and "Notify me if time since last update exceeds 24 hours" turned OFF. I've set this multiple times, and every day, without fail, I get a notification that my updates aren't current. No...really??? Version information is as follows: 1.0.160 1.0.2479 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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