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  1. Settings>General>User Access>Manage access As I understand it, managing access can be used to prevent any other person who may use my computer, from altering my settings unless they have the password. As I'm the only user of my PC I have no worries on that point. What I wish to know is, would their be the possibility of a remote hacker or malware, altering settings if I don't implement access restrictions? If there is such a possibility, would it be advisable to tick the "Block All" box? Thanks.
  2. The settings application on windows 10 does not open for me. It has the icon display on a blue screen before it automatically shuts down. This problem only exists on my current user, and if I reboot in safe mode or with a different user it works. Here is the latest malware scan report. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you. Report.txt
  3. I want to disable the option "usage & threat statistics". After having done this and change to another group of settings and then change back, it is enabled again. Also after having done this and then close Malwarebytes form and reopen it, the option is enabled again. Is there a way to store it?
  4. Everytime I restart my computer these checkboxes are left unchecked. If I re-check them and hit apply, then look again after they are still checked. This ends on restart. Please help! I can upload logs or whatever files needed. Thanks!
  5. When I deleted Malwarebytes it removed my wifi and my sounds and I can't enter in my settings. I'm reseting my pc now. I will never use Malwerbytes ever again.
  6. I happened to notice just now that although rootkit scan is On in my settings, my latest scan report, on the advanced tab, says that rootkits are disabled. I have never looked at this; I rely on MB to do it's job and I am not an advanced user at all regarding this aspect of cyber life. Does this suggest that something is wrong in my settings or that MB is not working properly? If so, please advise. Thanks.
  7. I am looking for a way to at least be notified of when a app/prog modifies the window registry, specifically the ~15 startup/auto-run areas of the registry. Hoping Malwarebytes premium has an option to do this. Yes many tools show you what is ALREADY in Run areas on Startup/Logon, but none that notify or block entry into those registry areas BEFORE or when they are created/modified. Tools such as Sysinternals Suite’s autoruns and Ccleaner (both recommended) show current RUN items, But do not block or notify. This should be windows innately ability: notify or block reg modifications. Yes I have windows UAC set to max, but it only notifies of a app/prog wanting to run and once given permission it doesn’t monitor the Allowed app/prog's other activities; including and specifically adding/modifying autorun reg areas.: Startup (user) - the current user's Startup folder in the Start Menu. Startup (common) - the common (all users) Startup folder in the Start Menu. HKLM / Run - the Run registry key located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. These apply for all users. HKCU / Run - the Run registry key located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. These apply for the current user only. HKLM / RunOnce HKLM / RunOnceEx HKCU / RunOnce HKCU / Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\RUN HKCU /Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Load HKLM / Policies\Explorer\Run HKCU /Policies\Explorer\Run HKCU / Control Panel\Desktop HKLM / Active Setup\Installed Components\ (Active-X) HKLM / Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon HKLM / CurrentVersion\ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad Added Service; usually SvcHost.exe Runned (Owner Process) Thanks for your time and consideration.
  8. hey guys, i need help with settings please. so i added these 2 exclusions a while ago, but now i want to remove them, i select them, delete them.. but then they come back for some reason why? edit: im using the free version btw
  9. My exclusions list has cleared itself several times. It's an annoyance having to add the folders and websites I'd like to ignore repeatedly. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm running 3.3.1 premium on a 64 bit Windows 7
  10. Do you guys know some new/good (Material Designs) that i can enable in Chrome and some worth flags to enable for more security/speed and for Omnibox-tweaks such as Favicons and need some good/virus-free, trusted (Black Theme for Chrome, from Chrome Store!) that is good for the eyes. Already have enabled these Flags on Windows/Android: Fast tab/window close Smooth Scrolling Material Design in the rest of the browser's native UI Number of raster threads Tab audio muting UI control Strict site isolation (i have it enabled but it doesn't increase my RAM i have 4GB Ram xD) Enable Material Design bookmarks Enable Material Design extensions Scroll Anchoring Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture Parallel downloading (Can it really speed up my Downloads by Accelerate the Download speed?) Cheers!
  11. Malwarebytes is blocking websites that I trust. This week Malwarebytes started blocking all safe sites that were allowed last week. Links in my email to other sites such as Meetup.com, Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, USPS, and other safe sites are not accessible. I received https://block.malwarebytes.com/I should not need to manually whitelist the entire internet in Exclusions Settings section of Malwarebytes. Currently, the only option is to remove Malwarebytes. Please fix immediately. Malwarebytesblocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program.Learn More
  12. Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.236 Update package version: 1.0.3539 My Malwarebyte (Premium) application shows a "/!\" warning in the tool tray. In the MB Premium application Settings | Protection page, "Web Protection" is turned off. If I attempt to change this from Off to On, it says "Starting..." and reverts back to off in <1 second. What is going wrong? =Sorbe
  13. Hello, Running into a problem where the program will not respect the changes I make to the update notification settings. I have Updates set to check every 5 days, and "Notify me if time since last update exceeds 24 hours" turned OFF. I've set this multiple times, and every day, without fail, I get a notification that my updates aren't current. No...really??? Version information is as follows: 1.0.160 1.0.2479 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. This is still occuring for me. Has this been fixed?
  15. I refer to this important post. When will be not annoyed with notifications for choices we made? 3 years on still NOT FIXED. The best is to disable services and run only 'on a need basis'. Anyone telling you about ransomware as a reason to keep? Its just to keep you freightened and adhere this intrusive bad behavior of Malwarebytes & Co. Make backups the old way and use sense. SHOULD you really get it, get back to backup. If it aint broke DONT FIX IT, opposite here. Its broke for year...
  16. This is the most frustrating software problems I have seen. Small intro . On installation my install seemed to be "wrong" so some setting would not remain SET. This lasted for a week. I kept receiving REAL TIME PROTECTION LAYERS TURNED OFF.. resetting that option 100 times would not fix it then . out of nowhere id get the Yeah your system is protected. For 3-4 weeks ive experienced this on/off protection warning and suddenly the YEAH you are protected . On Monday it hit HARD. Nothing I did would allow the Web Protection: Option to start or it would start and go off again . Whiles starting I would see the VERY informative message "Starting....." But now I have an additional Pain the A$$ : Delay Real-Time Protection when Malwarebytes starts is locked as OFF. To toggle doesn't work. To TOP IT OFF I was hit with the old "Your computer has a virus , call XXX-XXX-XXXX to get help. If you do not call all your files will be corrupted. I eexamined the page code and it was ALL code catching the onclose event and repeating the message I had to fire up Microsoft Security to stop the loop. (MON GUYS ... REALLY???!) So what has happened now?
  17. Exclusions settings not functioning for maped network drives and network drives
  18. My protection settings keep getting turned off automatically (some, not all... the most frequent is web protection and some others). There doesn't seem to be any way to actually save my settings once I've turned these protections on, and every time I start my computer, I get a message that I'm not fully protected, and sure enough, some of my settings have been turned off.
  19. Malwarebytes all settings changed under options menu revert to defaults! Occasionally some of them may toggle. However they cannot be changed back without the same problem occurring! There is NO knowing what options are left on and what options are off. This leaves the doorway open for potential privacy violations as a result of Malwarebytes built in telemetry software. The previous bug I have reported, that is Malwarebytes 3.0 canceling its own scan before even beginning, is gone in 3.0.6. Great start! Now being able to change the options is next on the list! This is pre-alpha software, certainly not production worthy. Come on guys you can can do better! We have faith in you. Come on boys, cheer em on! YOU CAN DO IT! Version 2.2 it is!
  20. Hello members! Please refer to the enclosed "Pictorial description" & help notify the concerned on this anomaly! Though the "Settings" have been configured to curtail invoking "Tray icon notifications", User-Customization is being overruled with these frequent prompts over--"Updates are not current"! I do follow a religious regimen to Update my application on a daily basis & that's why do not wish to be provoked by these Notifications every now & then. Secondly, the embedded hyperlink for superscript (Question mark) is reporting dysfunctional as well! Please help suggest further in this regard... Thank you. :-)
  21. Minor UI problem under scan settings, the advanced button when the mouse hovers over it goes completely black.
  22. I am trying out the new Malwarebytes Beta released today. It does not remember any settings. Once I close it and open it, they are all back to defaults. As example, I turn off tray notifications and stats gathering. Right click the tray icon, select to close the program. Run it. All settings are back to default. The only thing I have found it does remember are exclusions added to the list. I see no Apply or OK Button when I change the settings. If there is some hidden button I am supposed to press I do not see it. Note that I am using it in Freeware mode. So as soon as the scan is complete I close it from the tray. I have also disable the Start With Windows. I am running Windows 8.0 64 bit on a Toshiba Laptop with 4 GB ram.
  23. SO, how difficult would it be to enable landscape mode / device rotation in future versions of MBAM for those of us who are tablet users? This is FAR from an end-of-the-world issue, but if it is not a big deal, why not? Thanks for your attention.
  24. Hi, I could not find a single entry regarding «Enable self-protection module». Therefore and because I could not even find an explanation in malwarebytes help wether it should be enabled or nor, I would like to know, why self-protection module (as well as «Enable self-protection early start») is not enabled as per «recommended settings»? Aspect of time cannot be a «good» answer, can it? Does this not give additional protection/security? Tks/rgs
  25. Hi there. Recently I bought a virus problem and send my phone to guaranty. They reinstall a new firmware of android to erase entire data including viruses. I used Malwarebytes and I have two infected files /system/priv-app/Settings.apk /system/app/FileExplorer.apk both are system files and I want to know if are they false positives or already the phone has a factory trojan viruses. Thes files were already infected before sent the phone to the guaranty department. BLU Neo 5.0 Android 4.4.2 Thank you.
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