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  1. Hello, I was just scanning with ADW and got a result for "pup optional vlcplusplayer de" I feel this might be a False Positive? because looking into the registry key it just linked to the normal VLC program I believe, which I do have installed for years now and have never had ADWcleaner or any other program mark before. Ive never installed a "VLC Plus Player" AdwCleaner[C2219].txt
  2. I see. now I know not to feel worried about it then! Thank you so much for the awnser and taking time to help!
  3. Hello vbarytskyy, I have run both programs you asked, I hope I did it correctly! Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  4. Same. Came here actually to want to post about it cause it has been doing this for me since aroud thursday friday. Was starting to get really worried about it because it was still going on now and thought something was rather wrong with my mbam. It just almost looks as if it just entirely skips the registry part of scanning just like what user "sunsets" said.
  5. Hello, I tried to run an older ADWcleaner earlier and told me to download the latest one, version But whenever I try to run it windows is blocking me from running it, and I was able to run it once where windows did not ask me UAC for it, the thing where I have to say yes or no to let it run while normally ADWcleaner always makes UAC ask me that. Is something wrong with this version, or did I download a bad version? I hope I can be helped with this.
  6. Hello, About a half hour ago I booted up my computer and my Malwarebytes gave me a heads up about a malware being blocked located in "NVIDIA/NvBackend/ApplicationOntology/Ontology.dll" I looked around and saw that 15 minutes ago people are reporting this too on the geforce forums slowly that their Malwarebytes is too. is there an infection going on and is my computer now infected? I am deeply sorry if this is the wront forum/section to ask/report this in but im not sure how to treat this and I am worried this is a malware infection on my computer right now.
  7. Wow! did not expect such a speedy awnser. Thank you very much for letting me know. im very glad to hear nothing is wrong on my end.
  8. Hello, I hope I am not bothering but I have an issue with running ADWcleaner I just downloaded the latest version and whenever I run it it tells me that I am running an outdated version and have to download the latest and brings me to the site. But when I download that one its the exact same as the one I have and also again gives me this prompt. Is this a bug or is there something wrong with my files/computer?
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