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  1. Still going on after all updates !!!
  2. Any ETA on Update for Malwarebytes 4 ?? Getting lots of calls on this.
  3. This is almost a year old. Update to latest version 4.04 and you should be fine.
  4. It was both Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines. I do not have anytime access to the machines as they are in production. If I can reproduce the problem when doing maint I will run the tool and send to you. Like I said above after a restart things seemed to go back to normal - I think it may be something to do with malwarebytes updating it self (" Install Application updates") - That is just a guess.
  5. Have had same issue with several PCs I am running into for customers when doing system maintenance. Could not stop the scan. Ended up restarting the computers and the one just ran the scan and was fine. The other is very old so will check back later for that one. Will keep checking and see if I see any patterns.
  6. Upgrade was smooth. I do not like the NEW UI - It seems much slower with the pop out windows etc..to me and not as efficient to use as the existing UI. Speed is al;ways more important then Looks. I also ran a manual scan - speed seemed ok but it found 5 Issues and I selected Quarantine an now they have disappeared from any Detection or History report. They are NOT under Quarantine they seemed to have just vanished. 3 were detected as Malware under Windows Installers and the others were issues with some lenovo stuff on the laptop. I do not have details since whatever it detected is now gone. I am testing this on a Windows Insider Laptop that we use for Windows 10 Home. Version 1903 Build 18975.1000
  7. Guys any update on this ticket, It has been over a month now ?? Zynthesist asked me to check in with support again ?
  8. Happening to me as well - Blocks all over the place - something is wrong !!!
  9. Here are 2 captures: Cap1 is The controller running and then failing and I stopped the capture Cap2 is after the Controller has failed. The Client PC is where the controller is running. captures.zip
  10. I excluded everyhting I could see running including Unify.exe, mongod.exe, java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe with no luck. Can you guide me on Wireshark at all ?? - I did download and install it.
  11. I assume I should Exclude the java applications as well since this runs through java ?
  12. Just an update that the Controller continued to run normally overnight with only the Web Protection turned off. So we just need to figure out what exception to put in to keep it running and allow me to keep web protection on. Thanks
  13. Here are the logs. I ran this while the Unify Controller was running and it had not failed yet. Again the goal is to determine what Exclusions I need to put in so the Controller will not shut down. If I turn OFF Web Protection and Exploit Protection the Controller will continue to run normally. I was able to keep the Controller Running when I just turned of Web Protection today. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Running Malwarebytes and it causes Unify Controller to stop. I have tried turning the Java Protection Off with no luck as well as setup exclusions for The entire Ubiquiti UniFi folder and for the ace.exe that runs the controller. Running on Windows 10 1809 If I turn off Malwarebytes exploit and web protection, Controller will run fine. I am looking for some way to put in Exclusions or change malware settings to allow the controller to run without stopping.
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