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  1. I have seen this behavior as well on Windows 7 machines with RAID1 arrays where drives go offline.
  2. Just had another Windows 7 machine that had not shown any issue do the same thing when clicking on Devices and Printers lock up instantly.
  3. Just trying to add more data to help this along. We had 3 different machines today (all Windows 7) that as soon as you clicked on Devices and Printers the machines froze up right away and had to be restarted. This is the 4th machine I have seen do exactly this same thing. We are rolling back to Prior Component Update until this gets resolved.
  4. Just had 3 more customers tell me that they have been freezing intermittently but did not think much about it until it repeated a few times which they let em know today. There are a lot more people out there having these issues then you think. They are just not reporting it here yet. I am actively rolling everyone reporting lock ups back to CU 1.0.482. Thanks for your continued support on this.
  5. I am willing to help with this as soon as possible - Need to get to the bottom of this. Thanks
  6. Latest update - since I cannot get KB4471318 uninstalled - "it is stuck" I am going to roll back to older MBAM component version before 1.0.508 and see if it locks up. Will report back
  7. Update - I went and looked and I do not have KB44713187 showing as installed on this system or needing to be installed. This appears to be a typo from above and should be KB4471318 which is the Windows December (2012-12) Security and Quality Roll up.
  8. OK So after reactivating the Intel NIC card and re applying the Windows updates for December on my customer's test system it failed last night after only 2 days. I am attaching the PSlist output file for the last approx 2000 items. if you need more let me know. I will now uninstall the Windows update KB44713187 Security Update and run the process again again to see it it fails and send that data. Please let me know anything else you need. PSLIST_OUTPUT.zip
  9. Bashbish - if you have that many freezes please install the PSLIST Tool above and quoted bellow and follow the instructions and upload the data so they can try and figure out what is going on. That would be a great help to the community. Thanks for your help.
  10. We ended up doing the following on a test system that was freezing consistently: I had listed this earlier in this thread and we were at 6 days. We uninstalled the December Windows updates We installed a new NIC card (Realtech Chipset) in the machine Loaded driver and made sure it worked online I disabled the Intel Integrated NIC from the Windows 7 OS I then uninstalled the same Intel NIC card from the Windows 7 OS being sure to check the box for deleting the driver I then restarted the machine and went into the BIOS and System Configuration and Integrated NIC and Disabled it and restarted the system. Our test system has been running now for almost 14 days without issue with MBAM (Component 1.0.508) fully activated, etc.. I have now switched back to the OLD Network Card (Intel I217-LM) - reinstalled the Windows updates for December and am running the PSLIST program to attempt to make it fail and collect logs. I have another system same Model (Optiplex 9020) with same NIC card that has not locked up yet. - The only difference between systems is one is a Core I7 and the other is a Core I5 processor. I will update all if I can make this thing freeze and get some data. Of course all they systems that are freezing up now intermittently are in production with customers and I can't have them run the PSLIST capture program not to mention they are taking out entire small networks when the freeze is bad and the NIC card creates a network storm. So we are uninstalling Windows updates and MBAM Component Package to older version to see if that stops the problem. and they can keep working while I work with test systems. This issue is affecting a lot more people that simply do not know what is going on with their systems yet. Thanks,
  11. Is there a way to know the date at which the component update was installed ?? As we have more and more people having this issue start I am trying to narrow it down to be the component update to see if the issues start after this latest auto update.
  12. Jim , (JMac001) if you are consistently locking up can you try removing the Intel driver and pulling out or disabling the Intel NIC card and then restart to see if it makes a difference. You need to delete the Intel NIC driver from the system (check the box to remove the driver under device manger when you right click to uninstall) Try running on the Realtek for a bit. I have a test system this worked on for me so far and am interested if same for someone else. The issue you are having is very much the same as we have seen where network storm get created and no one can get out on the internet since the network is getting so clogged with chatter. Rich
  13. JMac001 - What Network card (chipset) is in your desktop that is hard wired to your router ?
  14. Another theory I have is that is seems to be worse on Networks where there are more Windows 7 systems. I am not sure if this is causing too much network chatter between them as I had one network that after the machine's froze they created network storms that took out the entire network until they were unplugged. My test systems continue to run without issue. If anyone has a way to emulate a user on a system or created traffic with a script that may be helpful for my test systems. All of this started after the December Windows Update. I called Microsoft and they wanted $500 to open a case to determine what they broke. I had choice words for them as they basically retreat to Windows 7 is no longer supported. All the system we were able to roll back have NO issues. The system we could not roll back continue to freeze intermittently.
  15. Is anyone else who is having these issues also running DropBox? I am looking for anything that may hep us all with this. It still looks like a memory leak to me caused by Windows Decemeber update in combination with MBAM update. I am up to 2 test systems now. The one I replaced the network card on has not locked up in 8 days and counting now. My newest test system I have another Dell Optiplex 9020 that I ran the December Windows update on and is on MBAM component 1.0.508 I am trying to get this one to fail so I can run the logs for you guys. This is a very strange real problem and seems to manifest itself only with certain combinations of programs / drivers / etc.... It is very frustrating.
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