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  1. @djacobson My understanding from testing with LT was that the actual end-user installation files used by the LT plugin were downloaded from a MB server as needed and installed. I put LT Tech Support through extensive testing on this issue some months ago, and we could not find ANY of the installation files on our LT server. Moreover, as MBAM updates have been released, the newer versions of them have always been downloaded and installed by the LT plugin on NEW clients' computers. If this is truly the case, that the LT plugin merely downloads and installs the various program installers as needed, is it possible for the latest MBARW to replace the old installation file so that NEW installs will at least be the latest version?
  2. @djacobson So how do those of us who purchased via LabTech get automatically notified of such updates? I personally never come to this forum unless I have an issue, and I don't receive ANY current newsletters from MB. Am I supposed to make a habit now of visiting this forum and scanning posts on a regular basis just to see if there is a new MBARW installer in the future? Moreover, will these "new installers" again require us to download new installation files, transfer those files to our LT servers, write and test new installation scripts in LT, etc? I thought this product was supposed to SAVE us time and effort!
  3. @djacobson Appreciate your responses to this topic. Please elaborate: 1. When we push NEW installations of MBARW using our EXISTING LT plugins, I'm still seeing the OLD version of MBARW deployed. Am I correct that this will be the standard behavior until a NEW or UPDATED LT plugin is developed and distributed? 2. If we apply the update of MBARW (either manually or via the .MSI file you've referenced), will that cause any issues with the EXISTING LT plugin? (ex: installations no longer recognized, etc.) 3. Per the question posed by @jpereboom above, after the update of MBARW is installed (either manually or via the .MSI file), will FUTURE upgrades to MBARW still have this behavior, or will we simply have transparent updates from this point forward (at least for MBARW)? 4. WHEN can we expect the new MB Endpoint Protection product to be the one installed, supported, and managed by the LT plugin? I don't expect an exact date, but a general timeframe for moving us LT partners off the legacy platform and onto the current platform would be nice to know. After all, our clients expect us to provide them with the latest, best protection, and obviously what we're working with isn't it.
  4. For those of us who are MSPs using the Malwarebytes plugin with Connectwise Automate (formerly LabTech), is this update going to be automatically applied to the client workstations, do we need an updated plugin, or are we stuck with having to field phone calls from all of our end users and installing this update manually? So far today, it was the latter. Like many of the above posters, VERY UNHAPPY to learn about this via a barrage of phone calls from end-user clients and to see that the update was not silently installed like the Anti-Exploit software usually is! On a related note, I still don't understand why the Anti-Malware component can't automatically update either, but that's another post...
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