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Found 155 results

  1. I get the Real-Time Web Protection not started message after any update to Windows 10. Turning on Web Protection or Restoring Defaults doesn't work, nor does restarting Malwarebytes or rebooting the PC. However, downloading again and reinstalling the latest version of Malwarebytes does resolve this. When will you fix it so we don't need to reinstall after every minor update to Windows?
  2. Hi, Hitman Pro has been finding and placing into quarantine files designated as malware. The name is always a variation of (something).tmp.exe. There are often multiple instances placed in quarantine, but the malware always reappears. The malware is being discovered in my temp directory. I use Malwarebytes Premium but it doesn’t catch the problem. Windows 10, 64 bit. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks G77063 PS: My Real-Time Protection always turns itself off too but I guess that is a separate issue.
  3. I recently had ADW Cleaner run and I noticed I had a very important desktop folder missing? How can I recover it after adwcleaner removed it? Below is the log file from that date. The path I need restored is highlighted.
  4. Hallo Malwarebytes i have problem with installing,getting error 5?Same problem like this one.Can someone please help me to resolve this?
  5. Hello I need some help getting rid of an unwanted malware that took over the search engine on my chrome. It seems to be from yahoo but it is a malware. Reading other posts I saw that I needed to post my own topic so here I am. I will attached a screenshot of this nightmare thanks in advance.
  6. Unable to contact license server.

    I had issues turning on my real-time scan protection. I uninstalled and reinstalled and when I attempted to associate my license key I recieved the following: As suggested I ran MB.Check and attached the zip file.
  7. Had to restart my laptop, Windows 10, HP laptop, Malwarebytes System came up and said the the Web Protection was off. Tried everything that I could find here in the forums but still no joy. Attached are the files from the run of FRST and mb-check. Donn
  8. Hi, Recently ended up with a solid amount of malware (worst was programs called anonymizergadget, emigrates, and uninitiated) which took control of my chrome and created popup ads, etc. etc. Cleaned it up and all looked good until I noticed Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) was using anywhere from 10-40% of my CPU at any time. When I go to the path it takes me to \Appdata\Local\avaorlt and denies access, unable to interact at all. Properties in task manager names it as wmnteal.exe. Did a scan with FRST, the two files are attached, along with a screenshot of the process in task manager. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hi all, running Mbam Premium version on Windows 10 Home version 1709 OS build 16299.125 64bit. Just now I decided to run an extra manual scan, and noticed that it was running in free mode, with all real-time ability obviously disabled. For how long? I have no idea. It could have been in free mode for weeks, I have no idea. But I had definitely entered my license details when I set up this particular Windows 10 partition instance, which was from memory 2 months ago, and was definitely running the paid, activated form last time I checked. That is concerning if, for whatever reason, mbam 3 decides to silently revert to a free version without warning. I've never seen this before, and so I've trusted mbam3 lately to be basically set and forget, until the paid version gives me any sort of notification, which means I don't interact with mbam3 at all unless I get notifications. But of course I wasn't getting any, as mbam3 slipped quietly out of its premium activated state and into free version. Also, two other issues. Upon reactivating mbam3, I decided to do a manual scan (as planned). Nothing detected at all, which is good, but the CPU hit was high, in excess of 70% CPU usage throughout. At 70% usage, that is enough to stall everything else on my machine, and makes it impractical to do anything other than the scan. Lastly, I had trouble turning on real-time web protection at first, but it seems to be sticking for now. This is just a general report of these issues. I am aware of all the other steps that I can take (logs etc) to give to tech support, but I'm tired right now, and so am just putting this up as a first step to see what everyone else says. Thanks - Justin
  10. I installed Malwarebytes Premium Trial 3.3.1., did a run, found some old remnants of some malware deleted years ago and a bad file in my recycle bin. I quarantined all, but one file. Immediately my Recycle bin was corrupted. In the meanwhile between doing the scan and quarantine, I emptied my recycle bin as I wanted to delete the file. The would_be_problem file is no longer in my quarantine list. Now windows wants me to delete my recycle bin/folder as it is corrupted. I want my recycle bin back. help please.
  11. Hello, i'm a Malwarebytes v3.3.1(2183) Premium registered user, and since i've done the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in my PC my Internet Explorer 11 does not open at all. IF I close OR uninstall Malwarebytes v3.3.1, IE 11 will open normally! By using IE 11 I also disabled ALL add-ons and also started it in "safe mode", the same, it does not open! IF I open IE 11 as an administrator, IE 11 will open and work as usual, no problem at all... Malwarebytes v3.3.1(2183) Premium, they always worked fine, till this latest Windows 10 update I have found that if I remove IE 11 from the protected program list it them opens normally. Any ideas on this?
  12. With Windows 10 December update a New Windows 10 unlock screen has appeared before the normal one. How do I get rid of this? (MALWARE?)
  13. Hi there, I'm new here but this virus has been irritating me for the last few days. I've downloaded HitmanPro, Emsisoft, and MalwareBytes and none have managed to remove this damn thing. It adds Windows Resource Manager and is taking up way too many resources. I also get redirected to bing despite my default search engine being google with some times clicking pages im already on leads me to something called Reimage. There's 2 process that are random letters that I've seen before when I've gotten viruses before. The iaetcvlsvc.exe is an interesting one as I can't seem to find any record of it online but igfxmtc.exe seems to be a common one. Can someone please help me? I've also included all the logs I've gotten so far on mbar. mbar-log-2017-12-22 (00-31-02).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (11-42-54).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (12-56-42).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (13-00-48).txt
  14. Hi i just updated my Windows 10 in my other laptop. I tried to use Malwarebytes to scanned after restart after login the Screen is all black, but the white cursor still there. I tried to system restore after updates but it says Drive is error, try to repair drive. Then i use recovery option to change previous version of Windows 10 before updates. But still my desktop is black screen.
  15. After updating Win 10 to version 1709, the Real Time Exploit Protection will not turn on. I get the message when Windows starts that it's not on. I go into Malwarebytes and click the on button, it says starting, then goes back to off. Attached is the file. Thanks
  16. My previous version of Malwarebytes was compatible with Windows Defender. I renewed my Malwarebytes subscription on 11/05/17. Now I get a pop-up message: "PC: status: Windows Defender Antivirus is OFF". Windows Defender Antivirus is off because you have an existing AV program. Uninstall your existing AV program to turn on Windows Defender Antivirus." Can you please instruct me how to make both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender compatible? Thank you.
  17. 32bit vs 64bit

    Love my mBam! Is there any distinction in Premium License for 32bit vs 64bit windows?
  18. Following recurring messages re real-time protection deactivation, I used MB-Clean to uninstall Malwarebytes 3. On reboot, I now get a download failure message. Log file is attaced. mb-clean-results.txt
  19. This has happened before. I realize Malwarebytes is no longer installed on my laptop, with no indication when or why it was removed. I try to reinstall and it asks to reboot to continue installation. Upon reboot, it asks once again to reboot to continue installation ad nauseum. I think the last time this happened I was able to run mb-clean and get the application installed again. This time, no go. I've run it a few times and run ccleaner as well to remove all traces, but each installation attempt leads to the same cycle of reboots. Is there anything I can do at this point?
  20. Hi, Windows has just updated to Fall Creators Update - Build 16299.64, and upon the install, I wasn't able to get back into my main user account - I've since managed to log into an alternate guest account that doesn't have a password, but my own user account is essentially locked out, with me having no way to be able to access it without logging into the domain? If I click on the connections in the bottom right (taskbar), ethernet shows that I'm going through the domain as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  21. Hi Guys Please accept my thanks in advance for any assistance you can possibly offer me. I have noticed that I get random 'g****.tmp.exe' files loading into my windows / temp directory. These same files reappear after a manual delete and want to autorun too. Appreciate your time.
  22. MalwareBytes & Windows 10

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but this just started happening to me again. Setting it to never register works as a temporary fix, but I wanted to see if anyone else was still having this problem.
  23. Hello i have recently installed MB 3.3.1 on A windows 10 PC but I find that the context menu is unavailable. It is not appearing regardless of the setting below: How can this be resolved? Thanks Martin O'Shea.
  24. different updates

    My office computer, a new Dell, gets updates almost weekly, while my home computer with same windows update, hardly ever updates? Even when I " check for updates" it says "current" ?