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  1. Mbam will not update unless the program is stopped and restarted again. then click on the update. If left to update automatically it won't and just gives "defs out of date" or similar wording message.
  2. But you are the one out front making excuses for them posting the faq which is their view /marketing. As i said most queries here are told reinstall must be problem with first install.i know of no other forum that people are continually told reinstall. Until the staff go for comparative testing the faq is meaningless. i would not trust a computer to mbam alone until there is objective confirmation
  3. @exile360 . The FAQ you link is only the opinion of the mbam staff who have marketing to think of. It is not objective. If they are so confident as to how one should test why don't they participate in objective tests such as av comparitave.If they are right thye should come out on top The answer to all queries here seem to be reinstall so obviously it must not be installing properly the first time
  4. Good point why do you not participate exile360 I would like to see mbam participate before trusting a pc to it alone
  5. 8 hours and no answer. What do i get if i get a licence, one year or lifetime?
  6. Is there a 32 bit mbam three.? I download a trial but says not suitable
  7. I thought Mbam 3 licence had only one key. I downloaded mb3-setup-consumer- and there is a space for an ID as well as a key? is this correct and is it lifetime or annual?
  8. http://securityxploded.com/asterisk-password-spy.php mbam flags above as malware and quarantines
  9. I am getting IP blocked by MBAM. Is this related to cyberghost, cyberghost will not work when MBAMis running. i can only find it is in Luxembourg. Can i white list it?
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