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  1. yes thanks a lot definitely learning a lot on this forum. brilliant support here
  2. Ok, thanks, I guess you're right. Since I am donating it to charity I just wanted to make sure to hand over a fully working PC!
  3. Ok, thanks. I have one last remaining issue. I'm not sure if Windows update is working correctly. I'm checking for updates - looks like it last updated in January. But it seems to be hanging, it has been checking for updates for ages now, so I'm not sure if something is wrong?
  4. Ok, so I've set up a new administrator account and deleted all other accounts. When I go into users though I find this "all users" and when I open it it shows this, do I need to do anything with this? And sorry for the word document again - I installed Xnview but whatever I do I cannot manage to get the captured image to upload/paste etc... Doc1.docx
  5. While I'm at it - there's another weird file sitting on the desktop (see attached) - can I delete this, too? Doc1.docx
  6. Sorry, i can't figure out how to upload images, that's why I keep pasting them into word..... When I reset the computer I created a new account (0wner) - can I just delete all the others? Do I need to set up a new administrator account - it doesn't give that option as such in control panel? Doc1.docx
  7. Hi Kevin, all good now. I ended up talking to someone on windows support who directed me to the correct website and talked me through the process and then the re-install worked fine. Everything has updated, malwarebytes finally installed without a hitch, everything back to normal! Thanks a million for all your help (and patience) - I've learnt a lot in the process. Any issues and I'll be back :-)
  8. Ok, so I've decided not to do anything with the computer, I leave Vista on it, so I just need to clean it up and wipe personal data. I've used eraser to delete everything on my D drive, which seemed to have all the backup files on it still after a full recovery. I seem to have some strange files in the C Drive, not quite sure what they are and if I need to keep them? Doc1.docx
  9. Thanks folks. I identified a really good cat sanctuary that might be in need of a PC, so I will see if they'd be happy with VISTA, ok with Linux or if I need to upgrade to 7 (I saw it on Amazon for about 40 quid) before I pass it on. I might be back with more questions once I have established what needs to be done. Many thanks for all your help so far.
  10. Ok, thanks, I'll look into this... If I decide to just hand over the VISTA PC, how can I ensure that there is no private information anywhere to be recovered/restored? I read about using file shredder, would that be the way forward - as explained here? http://www.esecurityplanet.com/views/article.php/3898201/How-to-Completely-Wipe-Data-from-a-PC.htm
  11. It's an Intel Core (TM) 2 quad CPU @2.4GHz, 3 GB RAM, with NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GS
  12. Hm, that would also solve my erase all data issue - I did a full reset and some partition survived that and all my files are still there! Is there also good anti virus and malware software available for Linux? Sorry for the twenty questions, but if I go down that route I want to hand over a PC that they can use and is safe... Is it an intuitive system? Pretty much everyone knows how to use windows, I remember the pain when I bought a macbook....
  13. Hm, that thought never occurred to me. Can you run windows software on these systems? I have no idea if the people who will eventually use the PC will know how to work these OS? I would assume that the charity I have in mind would use it for social media, email, accounts maybe, word, excel, internet....
  14. Hello, I have an old PC (with decent specs though) that is running windows VISTA, which I think must be the worst OS ever. I want to donate this PC to a charity, so would really like to put a better OS on it, but I don't really want to buy one. So, I was wondering - I do have a laptop that came with Windows7 - and I've got the licence key on the back of the laptop - but the laptop was upgraded to Windows 10. Would that Windows7 licence key still work and how could I upgrade the VISTA to Windows 7? Welcome any other good ideas also! Many thanks!
  15. Oh how much fun I am having with this PC... I ran reset, all seemed fine, but it installed back to Windows 8.1. It wouldn't read the windows 10 recovery USB drive.... I tried several different ways... what a pain. So now i'm stuck with Windows 8. Tried the upgrade to windows 10 tool and entered the key that I had copied from the PC before embarking on all this madness and now it tells me the key is invalid! (I bought the PC with windows 8 and did the free upgrade thing)...
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