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  1. Zemana got rid of MPC but heres the logs anyways 2016.07.27-09.09.36-i0-t92-d22.txt
  2. I tried downloading malware bytes but it won't let me even continue the installation
  3. I log on to my pc and hear an ad play. I check and it's not coming from chrome or any other applications I have up. So I check my programs and find MPC Cleaner. I try to unistall it. Nope. I can't find an uninstall program in the folder. I can't use unlocker on it. All the malware programs I try to run it says that their files are corrupted. Please help. I have muted my computer because of this.
  4. So I logged onto my computer adn I hear an ad coming through my headphones. I try to find the source and can't. I then look through my files and I see the censoreding Beezlebub of viruses MPC Cleaner. I've tried to kill it for hours. I need help, I've resorted to muting my computer so I don't hear those ads.
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