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  1. I have been paying for malware bytes for 3 years it turns out (my fault for not checking) but the fact you are still charging me when i have no email attached to an account anymore is terrible, i have just made this account with what i thought was my email from my old account but no... please get in contact with me to discus refunding and proving its my account, i have blocked you with my bank but charging me on the 27th is not okay when i have cancelled, just want some actual customer support that can recover my old account. Give me a number or something useful other than a bad forum post. (m
  2. Yesterday, I have downloaded some program via the internet and something unwanted program called All radio came up and I cannot delete it. I already tried to scan using Malwarebytes but nothing works. This thing makes my computer slower and sometimes opening unnecessary programs. Please help:(
  3. I recently downloaded an anti-virus freeware program (yes, I know how silly of me) immediatly after installing it something appeared in my task manager that was labeled wmcagent. I did some research and found out that it was a virus, and now this is the only place that seems to be trustworthy. BTW I tried using Norton and it would not detect it, even it I scanned the folder that the virus is in. Help would be extremely appreciated.
  4. Hello. Could really use some help ASAP. Thank you guys for the support. All attachments are included. FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan Log.txt
  5. Hello, I have recently discovered this virus through my task manager that is called Windows Process Manager 32 Bit and it has been killing my cpu performance and eating my battery life. I have researched for hours and hours to solve this problem and I realized that I cannot remove it on my own and I need help. I have malware bytes installed and I have attached my malwarebytes scan report. I have also downloaded the FRST program and attached my FRST.txt file and the addition.txt file. I would greatly appreciate any help ASAP. Thank You scan log for Malware bytes.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi there, Malwarebytes seems to be automatically blocking my website after I installed Tawk.to on it. Is there any chance someone could have a look at it for me and remove the block? https://portalpage.000webhostapp.com/ Thanks!
  7. so l ike i was on the Internet™ recently and did some stupid junk and now my cpu is in the death grips of win32 Fuery bcl trojan i dont have mwb or anything i just have crippling anxiety and a fear of credit fraud i am way too young to die and also too young to be competent with most computer things i dont know what to Do i have unplugged my whole pc and am looking at it from across the room like satan possesses it which it probably does a t some point i turned off my wifi but it turned itswlf back on and used my location which is freaking me out i am terrified
  8. I'm not a huge computer wiz so please let me know if there is any addtl. info. I should provide. I have a windows 10/microsoft surface pro 4 with i5. So I had some virus on my computer which installed literally tons of random crap lol. Malaware and adware and I don't even know. Anyways, windows defender clearly wasn't working so I eventually got Malwarebytes. I ran a scan and it then prompted me to restart my computer so I did. Now I get this error message when I try to sign in. Previously, it signed me into a temporary account with the error message. Then I restarted with safe mode
  9. So I logged onto my computer adn I hear an ad coming through my headphones. I try to find the source and can't. I then look through my files and I see the censoreding Beezlebub of viruses MPC Cleaner. I've tried to kill it for hours. I need help, I've resorted to muting my computer so I don't hear those ads.
  10. Hi guys, New to this as my friend reccomended you to me. I am having intermittent internet problems. I live in a shared hosue and we pay for fast broadband, however mine keeps slowing to a crawl and when i do internet speed test sometimes its as low as 0.05mbps download. (Its currently working ok, which is why im taking the opportunity to post this.) Ive asked my hosue mates and they have no complaints, which makes me think i have something on my computer. Please, can anyone help me with this? ITs a new computer and i really dont know what to do!
  11. Hello, so last night I accidentally downloaded a torrent that gave me a virus. I instantly realized it was a virus because pop-ups, changes to my default apps, homepage, etc. I ran malwarebyes with a full scan, deleted the threats, restarted, ran it again, removed additional threats, restarted When I run it, I now get a clean system, however I still have it affecting my system in certain ways. I can't access certain folders, it changes my default apps still, and etc. I ran FRST64 and it gave me a log that I don't completely understand. Occasionally Malwarebytes will block malicious I
  12. Today, I've noticed that mbamservice.exe uses a lot of CPU. I've searched for a solution and all I've seen is that Malicious Website Blocking is the cause. Here is the CPU usage comparison when enabled and when disabled: WHEN ENABLED: WHEN DISABLED: How can I fix this?
  13. I had a problem earlier, I couldn't click on anything so I tried to fix it and it was fixed! But now I have a bad image error constantly popping up and I really need assistance !!!
  14. Malwarebytes detected a think called PUP.Optional.APNToolbar.Gen on my PC and it also detected an Ask toolbar too, but I removed the Ask toolbar with the 'Should I remove it?' program. Malware bytes isn't able to remove the PUP.Optional.APNToolbar.Gen so i was wondering what i should do. If it's required that I go on an administrator account for the FRST and Additon .txt files, I can do that too. Thanks for any help. FRST.txt: http://pastebin.com/mNAsZEPZ Addition.txt: http://pastebin.com/gRpPJJgX P.S I had to use pastebin because it said the post was too long when I tried to include t
  15. Hello Malwarebytes community, First, thanks for any help you might offer! I've been trying for the last few days to get this "BuyNsave" virus off my wife's computer. It appears as an extension in Chrome and fills the browser with ads and redirects websites. I've tried Malwarebytes cleaner, and it recognizes the trojan -- and a few others -- but after the computer has restarted the malware just seems to keep coming back. I've tried a few other cleaners but just can't seem to shake this malware off. Thanks for any help! Here are the requested logs: Plus the addition log: I should
  16. Was just suggested to use MB by an IT friend of my fiancé. Anyways, a leader of the drug task force in my area took a strange interest in a terrible court case not involving his area of specity. they met up before she had to testify. Well his attitude changed from being concerned to absolute disgusting creep took her iPhone 4s and tapped it against his iPhone 5 and the horrible msgs began. The worst part is within 10-15 seconds these texts from him would disappear she and I managed to copy a particularly horrible text and scheduled a meeting with the judge to do a video confession of what had
  17. Please... I have tried to get rid of the malware on my computer with your program, yet it never yields effective, and just rewrites all the files and folders MBAM deleted within minutes... i dont know how to get or post any logs or anything, if you give me instruction i will GLADLY comply 100%.... Recently I fell for the SkypEmoticons download, this then caused me to recieve Trovi, yet another adware (i think thats what these things are called) and then THAT caused me to get YAC, as a friend said he used it for the Trovi thing once. YAC then allowed "Klip Pal" to install without my acknowled
  18. Hello, new here, for the past few days, I have been noticing that several instances of dllhost.exe have been popping up, Taking up a TON of memory and CPU, only to be stopped by repetitive task ending. Let this be known: I personally have not pirated anything in a long time, due to the fact that I just didn't like the whole feel of it, BUT I allow my broke sister to use it sometimes and she tends to download stuff when she shouldn't and hides it where I don't find it. I know that some stuff may still be left over, but I've done a lot of cleaning up and there shouldn't be that much if anythi
  19. Hey guys, I really need some help because I suspect that my laptop has been infected with Malware. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5356 and about a year months old. Windows 8.And it seems to me that ever since a few weeks ago, every single time I download something, say its 2GB (which normally take about 1 hour+ to download) it downloads in a few seconds and then when I open it, it says file corrupt or "windows smart screen has protected this PC" I have images below. I've been using my browser, Google Chrome for over a year now and this has never happened. This problem also happens w
  20. I tried to run EVERY one of those run things with Chameleon, I had Malware-Bytes running but of course my mom turned of my computer. And now it cant open for some strange reason. Because when I ran a scan with Mbam first time I installed it found alot, but I forgot to delete them all from quarintine.. :\ And now I am sad that I cant open Mbam and delete it all.
  21. As the title says, malwarebytes WONT start. When clicking on the .exe, it opens as a process in task manager, then closes immdietly. I have done a small scan with Malwarebytes anti rootkit, however mid scan I cancelled to post a topic, as the warning scared me a bit. Please help. Thank you!
  22. Hello friends! I'm trying to install Malware Bytes into my PC as I keep getting this advertisement on my brosers called Trolatunt, but everytime I try and install Malware Bytes the titled message keeps coming up. I've downloaded it 9 times from different websites and it happens everytime, I was wondering if you could help a brother out. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi, My family has been noticing our computer running slower the past few weeks. We do not typically download random files and haven't had many issues in the past outside of some adware and unwanted toolbars. We used MBAM to remove any problems to great effect in the past and were looking for it to resolve our current issue. After running MBAM, it pops up about 100 infected files which are PUP's from what appears to be google chrome (a browser that we do not use). Once I attempt to remove the files, MBAM immediately stops responding. I'm not sure if this is something related to our antivirus or
  24. Please Help Me! I Have Been Hit With An Adware Called SavingsWizard And cant remove it! malwarebytes detects it but when i remove it it comes back in exactly 1 hour! i do not know why it does this and am scared because it is ruinind my browsing experience! please help me i am new to malware/adware and dont know how to uninstall it! Someone Help Me! (yes i have tried Rkill to stop the process Rkill detects nothing!)
  25. My Computer hasn't been allowing me to open certain programs (ie. Mostly anti virus programs and programs that may help my computer) . it never shuts down by itself but when it does, it immediately restarts and says that there was an unexpected error called 'Blue screen'. Plus it is beginning to go down hill. Malware bytes is the only anti virus program I can open. It detected a malware by the name of 'PUP.bundle.installer.' I removed the malware straight away, but it hasn't helped . I am almost certain that this is a Virus of some kind! But i just cant find it... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I Hav
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