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  1. Thank you, haven't see anymore since yesterday
  2. Now it seems that AI is detecting false positives on own software? One would think that you guys would have all your stuff whitelisted already. Malware.AI.3379829119 File Malware Quarantined C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES DISCOVERY AND DEPLOYMENT\REMOTEPUSH\MBREMOTEEXEC.EXE Malware.AI.3379829119 File Malware Quarantined C:\WINDOWS\MBREMOTEEXEC-4544-{SERIAL}.EXE
  3. lol, I'm not going to do that on 300+ machines. We are on Business Malwarebytes
  4. Hey Shadowwar, its been an hour and we are still getting these as detections
  5. I have a couple more false positives. These are home grown. Please white list ASAP. What about reg keys, do I white list them or you guys? SFCRun.zip USBDriveMsg.zip
  6. Why has this not been added to the whitelist yet?
  7. So, Its sad I have to worry each week if something important is going to be blocked from a so called AI. Malware.AI.4293756365 File Malware Quarantined C:\PYTHON27\ARCGISX6410.5\LIB\SITE-PACKAGES\PANDAS\MSGPACK\_UNPACKER.PYD Can I get this whitelisted please _unpacker.zip
  8. Thanks AndrewPP, But if the cleanup process is only activated when the EDRPlugin initializes than it could be a problem. That's a bug I am waiting for, for the last month, to get fixed as EDR does not work until they patch it, I heard next month. But I will run that command and post it to the case if anybody ever contacts me. I also have not had any contact since I opened the case. 2 days ago. Case 3419543, I think lol, I have so many open.
  9. I was just informed that we have a couple users that are almost out of C drive space because C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\Plugins\EDRPlugin\Backup That folder is very large, like 133gb large. We can't see to delete any of those files as it gives an error that we don't have permissions from System. Idea and why are they not deleting on their own?
  10. Perfect, thank you. I have done this one just now. I will continue to do the others that way as well.
  11. Something missing that was in the On-Prem platform , database version. We need the ability to see what version each endpoint is using. Give us the ability if they endpoint is actually talking to the outside world.
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