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  1. Thanks Exile, I tried the above commands but there isn't a file called mbamapi.exe in the install of the Nebula client or Anti-Malware. I also tried all the exe's in both locations and nothing gives a list of switches. So I don't think its there (yet) either. I have a call with an engineer so I will ask the same question. Appreciate the help though
  2. Thank you, but I was asking for the Nebula install of Endpoint Security. Is it the same?
  3. I think it would be good to give us a way to control what severity we should get notifications on. Right now it is High Severity for Suspicious alerts, I would find it very useful if we can lower that to any number of severity levels. If a user gets a mass load of low severity it could be a precursor to something bad.
  4. Looking for command line scanning switches and what files is used to run those commands?
  5. Thanks Exile, research has already found that it was the windows 2004 update causing grief. We may have a fix, still testing, but so far so good
  6. Ticket has been created. Thanks Exile
  7. Oh, I just noticed you moved it, this is not a home product, we have the business install. Should I create a ticket instead?
  8. Hi Exile, Any news on this? It usually doesn't take this long.
  9. Thanks exile, here it is. MBAM_LOG_FILE_1-39PM.txt
  10. I have sent you a PM Thank you
  11. Hi exile, kindly remind where where that is?
  12. Well that didn't stop it. Still getting false positives.
  13. I think we have it handled, we digitally signed it and we think it has corrected the false positive. Time will tell
  14. We have a few apps that we wrote that have been in use forever. For the past week we have one of them being blocked by Anti-Ransomware. I have tried the policy exception but we run it from a network path and that is not allowed in the policy. What do I need to get it added to the database to allow it?
  15. I only say that because support has told me that. Nobody at support knows if or when it will get updated. I uncovered a bug where it lists the wrong OS when you view the client, that has been added to the bug list as well. Its been a few months now since then even. Sad, I like this product too.
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