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  1. Thanks for uploading it, and I made sure that the file was unblocked before moving it to System32, checked it again after it was moved and it was still unblocked. But after another sfc scan, it still shows as corrupted, or more precisely, it still says "hash mismatch". Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  2. So, I found werfault.exe in the browse dialog and clicked Unblock, Apply and OK. Then I closed the Task Manager, started typing into the Command Prompt to restart my computer, then suddenly, the taskbar appeared, along with the rest of my desktop. (Hooray!) So I closed the Command Prompt, and restarted my computer through the Start button. Startup was a bit slow, but no popup this time, and no freezing, so far. But I did another SFC scan, and the file still shows as corrupted. So, I am going to send you a private message. But just to let you know, I have not been using IE. I actually use Chrome in incognito mode most of the time, including when I downloaded the file from Malwarebytes, but what you shared is very interesting information, so thank you
  3. Thank you for getting back to me. I entered explorer, clicked OK, but nothing happened. I tried checking the option to Create new task with administrator privileges, and explorer.exe appeared in the list of Processes, but still no taskbar..
  4. I can get into Safe Mode, but once there, all I see is a black screen with the words "Safe Mode" in the four corners of the screen. There is no Start button or anything. I wonder if this is due to an incorrect screen resolution, because the login screen looked really zoomed in, but I have no idea how to fix the screen resolution in Safe Mode. So I don't know how to open the System32 folder in Safe Mode.. EDIT: There is also no reaction when right-clicking on the black screen.
  5. Ok, I followed your instructions step-by-step, but that did not fix it. After I unblocked it and restarted my computer, my computer froze again. So I restored my old file from the Recycle Bin, replacing the one that you told me to move into that folder. Then I restarted my computer, and the popup came up again during startup. I clicked on Cancel, and the computer still froze. I feel lucky that I am finally able to reply back to you... ; - ;
  6. I am running Windows 7 x64 SP1, with the most current Windows updates. So, I tried restarting my computer, and I noticed that startup was a bit slow. There was also a popup asking me to allow WerFault.exe to run, but it said "unknown publisher". I tried clicking on Run anyway, and while my computer did continue to load in, it froze soon after that. So I restarted my computer again, the popup came up again, I clicked Cancel instead of Run, and now my computer did not freeze. But the WerFault.exe file is still corrupted. Should I be worried..? Is there something on my computer that is preventing the WerFault.exe file to run properly..?
  7. Oh I think it might have been that file! Thank you for bringing it up! Because I did a sfc scan after that item was quarantined, and it seems my WerFault.exe file became corrupted. That's why I thought maybe my computer was not clean... But even after I extracted the file from the post you linked to that folder, and I did another sfc scan, that file was still not repaired. Would you happen to know what I might be doing wrong?
  8. I recently uninstalled Malwarebytes 3, but a few days before that, I did a Threat Scan and it found a threat (called Trojan-something...) so I quarantined it. Then I forgot about it, and uninstalled Malwarebytes 3, and re-installed it. I did another Threat Scan and no threats were detected. So my question is, what happened to that quarantined threat when I uninstalled Malwarebytes? Did it get un-quarantined? Is it now hiding somewhere deep in my computer? Or was it safely removed along with my previous installation of Malwarebytes? Is my computer really clean now?
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