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  1. Can anybody help me? Im very worried for my security.
  2. Recently, one of my other computers had a rootkit. I had a USB plugged into that computer for a while with some files that I needed. I finally got rid of the root kit on my main computer, but I plugged the USB that was in the computer into my macbook air to get the files I needed off of it. Now I feel like my macbook air has some kind of virus or rootkit. Yesterday I was doing some work, and I was using the calculator on the far left panel, then when I was writing down my calculations, I saw the panel switch back to the main screen by itself. I just want to make sure I did not transfer the roo
  3. Its behaving fine. I just want to make sure that I had no keylogger/rootkits before I began changing all my passwords that were stolen.
  4. There you go! I appreciate your help. AdwCleanerS0.txt mbar-log-2015-02-23 (13-26-29).txt system-log.txt
  5. Here you go! FRST_23-02-2015_11-27-12.txt Addition_23-02-2015_11-27-11.txt
  6. Recently a few of my accounts have been compromised and personal information was taken from me. I tried resetting my computer but I'm not sure if I completely got rid of the virus. Can anyone help me figure out whether I have a rootkit or just a keylogger. I've took many precautionary measures but I just want to be 100% sure that my computer is safe to use. Thank you for your time and help! I greatly appreciate it.
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