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  1. I downloaded a minecraft modpack that someone made a few months ago then randomly it send something to all my discord friends it sent this "lol i found a clean remix crack. use noverify http://www.mediafire.com/file/dgb9legpnunk8za/Remix.zip/file" I told one person I trust and they recommended a factory reset, I would much rather not do that because backing up files is a pain and I have a lot of important files I think this may be a rat on my pc but I don't have a lot of experience with them so i'm not too sure about that I ran the file it sent to everyone and it has 0 viru
  2. Some guy ratted into my pc, stole my bank info, took pics of me sleeping, etc. I disabled my webcam but i need help please!!!
  3. here's the logs you need. i have no idea where i got the RAT from since i didn't download anything sketchy. I did a full system reset with settings to try and get rid of it but apparently they can survive those so i want to get rid of all rootkits/ rats/ hidden malware in my pc. thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes log.txt
  4. Hi, so one day I was playing Minecraft and almost took a break but somebody was moving my mouse! So I went into airplane mode and scanned around but didn't find anything. I reset my PC with settings and I read that RATs can survive resets so I want to get my system rid of all rootkits and RATs and hidden malware.
  5. I dont think The nanocore Software should be detected, i understand that the acctual viruses made qith nanocore should be detected, but as a nanocore user it is becoming very annoying when doing virus scans. CRC32: F92B088C CRC64: A480A37646ED6996 SHA256: EC359F50CA15395F273899C0FF7C0CD87AB5C2E23FDCFC6C72FEDC0097161D4B SHA1: BE64732F46C8A26A5BBF9D7F69C7F031B2C5180B BLAKE2sp: 0F69DCE8D006F429D38CA6A10986FF7390D6230440FF98C6DD6875102F6FC3BA
  6. Last week, I downloaded a program offline that I thought was safe, however, it ended up being off of the wrong website (wrong domain) and I ran the .exe file, after that, my amazon account was compromised... I don't know if that was just a coincidence or if I am still infected? Please help, thank you
  7. So I was on discord and someone sent me a pdf, it was some weird "free bitcoin method" (obviously fake) so I was gonna open it to report him on a server I'm in. (I wasn't aware that pdf files could contain viruses) So a while later my computer takes 3 hours to load after I restarted, I checked my windows security and in the exclusions there was a backdoor. I'm worried that it may have been a rat? I've tried looking through other posts but they all seem to need your scan logs, so if anyone's able to help I'd be very grateful.
  8. I have an email from myself sent by my email say I've been recorded and this person has gained access to my pc via RAT However I have no webcam nor mic If this is real what are my options, any help is greatly appreciated As soon as I get home I'm going to be disconnecting my PC from my wifi Below are my screenshots
  9. I was playing a few hours earlier and my PC started acting weird, tabs being opened by themselves and keys and clicks without my input, This is clearly the signs of RAT and I've had hard time trying to remove it. I ran a couple of full scans to see if that would find it but it did not, I tried looking in task manager and other places for suspicious programs but there wasn't any, The only thing I've caught was an Inbound connection by a Trogan report which was located in my wininit.exe file, I've attached it below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! report.txt
  10. Been dealing with this for some time now. Just did a fresh reinstall yet again - Ran windows update and it said MDM is managing your orgizations updates and something about forcing me into using windows insider updates, All the security certs are fake - at least most of them, Was removing them them the hacker locked me of MMC. Yet Im on the admin account. I have run multiple antivirus and anti malware programs it never finds anything I am at a complete loss of what to do to get rid of this malware. Also it has windows update install really really old updates like my video card driver it instal
  11. I installed MalwareBytes for the first time yesterday. I did a full scan and found a suspicious Imminent folder. After removing when I found it in quarantine, it appears to be back. The last log was from 2016. I'm not sure how to remove this malware and I would appreciate your help.
  12. I have been informed by email that someone has obtained control of my computer presumably using a RAT. They do know one of my passwords. I have run a scan with Malwarebytes (which appears to have been turned off for a month) and many files, etc were Quarantined. How can I be sure that this RAT has been removed from my computer?
  13. Hello. I recently downloaded a file because I was stupid and got ratted. They bought stuff using my paypal. Good thing I canceled my credit card and refunded the payments. I reformated my whole computer but it said some personal files were not deleted. I scanned and couldn't find anything, right when I thought I was clean my PC shutdown. Help?! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  14. Hello Brian here, My PC is infected with a lot of adware and perhaps a RAT because It just keeps coming. I would like help removing the nagware adware and Trojans on my pc as a MB scan wasn't enough. here are the logs. FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 07-06-2017 01 Ran by Asriel (administrator) on DESKTOP-HBSKNLC (10-06-2017 10:03:58) Running from C:\Users\getme\Downloads Loaded Profiles: Asriel & (Available Profiles: Asriel & Summa) Platform: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (X86) Language: English (United States) Inter
  15. Hi, today i woke up and saw that my SONY Playstation account login details had been changed. I managed to get them back to what they were previously and set up 2-Step Authentification on the account, but while i was setting up the 2-step authentification my account was activated on another PS4 once again. I'm worried about this because the only way someone could have gotten my new password is if they had access to my PC, which is where i changed it. I tried scanning with malwarebytes and webroot but nothing came up, and i'm currently running a scan with ESET online scanner. I did d
  16. Hello Malwarebytes. I am suspecting that my PC is ratted because it wont go to sleep anymore (it wakes up again), my mom saw it yesterday going from screensaver to login screen and typing 4 characters in the pw field - my PC pw is 4 chars long.... I am booting from a SSD and I have a HDD also. Even though I reinstalled Win7 from Scratch recently, this is happening... I scanned my system with ESET and Malwarebytes, both say I'm clean. What should i do?
  17. so im 100% sure i have some sort of trojan or key logger on my pc but i cant find it anywhere, i currently use avast and its not picking up jack, ive looked at current processes running... nothing. i know its on here because ive had 2 game accounts with different emails and passwords hacked on the same day. not sure what else to include (let me know) but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hello, There so ill give some background info.
  19. Recently, one of my other computers had a rootkit. I had a USB plugged into that computer for a while with some files that I needed. I finally got rid of the root kit on my main computer, but I plugged the USB that was in the computer into my macbook air to get the files I needed off of it. Now I feel like my macbook air has some kind of virus or rootkit. Yesterday I was doing some work, and I was using the calculator on the far left panel, then when I was writing down my calculations, I saw the panel switch back to the main screen by itself. I just want to make sure I did not transfer the roo
  20. So I have recently found out that my PC has a rat on it. Ive done the normal scans and found some simple files deleted them and am still having the problem. I cant reformat my computer due to the fact that it says I am missing certain files and need my disk(and stupidly I threw it away) I have checked my start up and havent found any files that are unusual. I think it may have something to do with my rundll but i am new to these types of things Please help me!
  21. Hey guys so today I was just hacked or someone decided to ***** troll me with a rat. I was watching a stream when a message poped up and i looked my webcam was on and there was a guy who was controlling my pc. I had to shut down and now im cleaning my pc. I kepe running malware bytes and other programs but the dclogs and stolen.data ****** keep returning. I really need your help. I don't want this to happen again. And are there any ways to protect myself from these attacks. Ive tried to use tdsskiller,Rkill,Malware,Windows defender, and adwcleaner.
  22. Recently a few of my accounts have been compromised and personal information was taken from me. I tried resetting my computer but I'm not sure if I completely got rid of the virus. Can anyone help me figure out whether I have a rootkit or just a keylogger. I've took many precautionary measures but I just want to be 100% sure that my computer is safe to use. Thank you for your time and help! I greatly appreciate it.
  23. Hi, I've been checking my laptop for RATs using netstat. Every time my computer starts up, svchost makes an established connection to the IP address . Searching on google is shows that its an IP belonging to EdgeCast, in a residential area; although some uncited sources claim it belongs to microsoft. Can someone confirm if it is in fact a legit microsoft conenction, or have I been RATed? Is there anything else I can do to check for traces of RATs?
  24. Hello, I have recently been seeing a file on my desktop appear for 2 seconds and disappear. It seems to happen randomly. I think it looks like a text file and has a random name such as "ef4gpb12a". I am currently using a Mac laptop. What could this be? Is it a virus? I scanned but nothing came up.
  25. Hi, a while back I downloaded a program that eventually I realized it was a virus. Anyhow I performed all the necessary operations such as use Malwarebytes to scan for any malware, Bitdefender to find basically anything that is harmful. And I got some trojans found but I got rid of them. But after a few days I realized my mouse has been moving around without me touching it. And while i was using it, i felt that wherever i dragged the mouse, it would want to resist my movement of direction. I googled these actions and it was told that it can be a RAT virus. I looked more into it on how they can
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