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Found 13 results

  1. Now this happened about 3 months ago I have long before reset my PC to windows 10 by now but for some mysterious reason my ABV.bg email has been repeatedly getting hacked every time! even tho last time I changed my password to be unique combination of 30 symbols and letters including the secret question and answer. Its still getting mysteriously hacked and at this point its obvious the information is being leaked from my PC so the trojan/keylogger/hijacker or whatever has not been removed even tho I did repeated Malwarebytes scans and I even scanned with Bitdefender in boot environment still n
  2. I downloaded several mods for a video game and after a bit, process that I don't remember having have been found in Task Manager running in the background along with a slower computer than what it used to be.
  3. So i got infected by a key logger i scanned it with malwarebytes. Then i tried the guy who keylogged me to rat but he somehow knew its a rat after i scanned and deleted every bad thing so how to remove it or i need to reinstall windows ? Sorry im dumb im only 12
  4. Hello, For past 1 month i am getting G.exe / UnKnown Application preventing shutdown message in both my standard and admin user login accounts in Win 10 PC. I have licensed version of malwarebytes (Premium and AdwCleaner) and they all run clean without any issue. Norton doesn't return any issue. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/226720-gexe-removal/?page=3 Following from the above thread, i have been able to use GUIPropView and able to see a lone "g" . What is annoying is i used all my past skills using dos, procmon and Process Explorer(sysinternal) to find th
  5. Hi. Not sure if this is the correct forum for my question but seemed the best place. Does anyone know if Malwarebytes has any conflicts with anti-keylogging software? I am thinking of installing Zemana Antilogger but wonder if: a) Malwarebytes already does these things and, b) if there would be any conflicts between the programs. Any advice appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Hi! There are two processes in my windows 10 that are worrying me. The first is the KMS Connection Broker, which opens and closes at all times, always for a few seconds. My connection is quite slow, the downloads that happened at 1mb / s are now slowing down to about 50kb / s. Can this process contain a virus? I have already identified and deleted the KMS-R@1n logs following information from the forum, but this KMS Connection can not resolve in any way. Can it be related to the slow downloads? The other is Runtime Broker. I understand it's a windows process, but it's behaving strangely.
  7. Hello, today I saw that I have 2 winlogons. But previous week I didn' t had a keylogger. I installed anti-malware bytes and scanned. The scan said that there was no malicious software found or something. It didn't found my keylogger. Please help, this is really important for me. Thanks all
  8. Hello, Hopefully, I have posted in the right place. So, some backstory. Couple days ago, several sites reported suspicious logins. I changed the passwords, thinking it was just somebody stole my password. Then, more suspicious activity. I was surprised, but just in case, I used only my Linux laptop for logging in. It stopped, so I run MalwareBytes to see if there's maybe a keylogger. Here's the logfile: Searching online, I think I might have the Imminent Monitor backdoor trojan. I am not sure, so can somebody have a look at this? Thanks in advance
  9. What is Ardamax? The Malwarebytes research team has determined that Ardamax is a keylogger. These so-called "keyloggers" send information about the actions on your computer to a third party or they can be read by another user of the system. This one can record keystrokes and make screenshots. It is offered as a commercial product here. How do I know if I am infected with Ardamax? Your computer will have slowed down considerably and you may find a folder with this type of files: There may be screenshots in the same folder. These will have the jpg extension.
  10. Last week... I exceeded my 24-hour 250 SMTP relay quota at Godaddy while sending less than 15 email messages (Godaddy hosts my domain and mail server.) I changed my email password from my Gateway PC (Note: I exceeded my 24-hour 250 SMTP relay quota at Godaddy twice in 2015 while only sending a fraction of the maximum allowed emails and both times was able to prevent repeated exceptions by changing my email password.) 48 hours after changing my email password, instead of finding my SMTP relay counter reset to 0, I found I had exceeded my 24-hour 250 SMTP relay quota while send
  11. hy so ive noticed that chrome is loading always sth witch is strange so i did a scan with MB *ive got the free trial finished* anyways it found trojans and a key logger and i proceded to delete those , and re checked sayed all good then i proceede with hitman and it found 200cookies and the malware again sooo i did a scan with sophos witch also found it Again..... and proceed to delete the damn thing , buut im pretty shure its still there ... :(... also chrome and akami network service ask for permision form the fierwall... evry time i connect what sophos detected 2016-09-20 1
  12. Hi My gmail account has been hacked. I believe that this was either by the use of a keylogger or by hacking my wifi and sniffing it from there. I have since used an anti virus program as well as Malwarebytes anti-malware, but I wasn't able to find anything related to keylogging or wifi hacking. Could you please take a look at my log files and let me know if you can see anything supicious? First follows the FRST log: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 27-07-2016 Ran by troels (administrator) on TROELSPC (27-07-2016 23:37:21) Running from
  13. So yesterday as i played with my gamepad both my keyboard and gamepad started to press buttons randomly so i started to search for something suspicious in my task manager and found 2 dllhost.exe processes, one was located at C:/Windows/system32 and one at C:/Windows/SySWOW64....now after some research i found out the SySWOW64 one seems to be a trojan but after asking for help and scanning with recommended software at malwaretips.com they said my pc seems clean but i highly doubt it... Heres some logs i got from scanning with FRST: Addition.txt FRST.txt
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