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  1. I have just done that maxbar so will see what happens thanks for your help.
  2. Nathan I pressed the button in the top right hand corner of battery and there was a history of power intensive apps, when I looked before malwarebytes as well as my VPN was showing in there but now it isn't and I have just done a reboot and it has switched my malwarebytes back on without any problems. Cheers for your help both of you and I will be keeping a check on what happens when I get Pie.
  3. I see this article is for Pie, I am on Oreo and the screen looks different and I can't find the option to turn off battery optimism, it has behaved itself as long. As I don't reboot and is staying on, but the good news is the tablet is due to upgrade to Pie next month.
  4. I have Mobile Premium and everyday I have to keep switching the safe browser scanner back on, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and even done factory reset on tablet, I switch it on and and tick the box and says enabled, it works OK until you switch off, restart or put it in sleep then when you want to scan it says fix issues,, the tablet is a Huawei M5 lite running on Oreo.
  5. I am having the same issues with 3 computers, It opens on computer restart but next time you try to open MBAM it won't open but it is doing schedule scans on all 3, I tried reinstalling on 1 but it wouldn't unless I deleted first, but still doing the same as before. and like I said 1 is with a new install, the link is in the taskbar tray but it whirls round for 30 seconds then switches off
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