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  1. The problem is sort of fixed. I reinstalled MBAE and it was working alongside Chrome with Rapport. However if I clicked a download link or tried to print from the webpage Chrome just shut itself down without any message.
  2. Alas, the update does not work. I open Chrome, it appears to be ok..... then it just closes. No information as to why. MWBAE removed again....:(
  3. Tried the workaround, but it simply stopped chrome opening. The only difference was it didn't put a malwarebytes splash screen explaing why it had closed it. Removed MWBAE again.
  4. It cannot be anything to do with Trusteer Rapport. I have had it running on my machine for several years and it has worked with MBAE until the other day... I have a done full system reboot still had the problem
  5. As requested Log files etc; Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  6. and Malwarebytes anti malware home premium version
  7. Yes, I have used a completely new profile. Blocked straight away. Obviously there is a fault with MWBAE so will simply have to live without it...
  8. I have turned all of the add ons off. Still get blocked.... I have uninstalled chrome and reinstalled with no link to my google account..... blocked....... Cannot see why it should just start doing it. I have not changed anything on my system for weeks..... until I had this issue. I guess life without MWBAE is the only way forward.
  9. I have Version 49.0.2623.110 m All of the addons are standard Ad blockers so cannot see that they are an issue, Nothing has been added recently, so it is strange that it has started attacking chrome. I am suspicious about the OS security bypass bit. Sounds like it is objecting to chrome being used in place of the dreaded Edge!
  10. I have had to remove Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from my computer as it has all of a sudden refused to allow me to open Google chrome. I am told the protection layer is ;Protection Against OS Security Bypass The protection Technique is: Exploit ROP gadget attack blocked I do not know what has happened but I fear that it is working alongside Microsoft to make us all use Edge, which is not the browser I wish to use, so if that is the case Malware bytes will be going. Any advice welcome.
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