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  1. From a subscriber: Just had an internet security alert on my computer. Audible and would not let me do anything to shut it down. I ran the Malwarebytes and also Spybot. Nothing showed up. I did "shut down" and restarted. It said to call Windows Tech support. ------- That sounds like typical ransomware to me. Normally MalwareBytes takes care of those. Is this a new type not yet recognized? The user is smart enough not to call the number. What do you recommend?
  2. I realize you guys are hysterically paranoid about getting an email from an end user and get right fanatic guarding against that. However, I have a subscriber, who needs to be contacted by the sales department. He paid, but the order malfunctioned. Here is his email: ------------------------------------------------------- Good morning Webby, I took your advice and ordered Malware 's Free trial and it ran out so I ordered it for one pc. for $39.95 . When I paid it I made an error and it told me to enter the correct info. and I did and lost the page. I checked my CC account and it's been paid for but I keep getting the little Prompt is the right corner that says I need to order it because it ran out and I cannot get off. So I don't know if its working or not working. i how do I get varify it I don't find a ph. # or any way to contact them HELP ! ------------------------------------------------------- Frank is in his mid 90's. Please be kind! Thanks DearWebby
  3. Just set the updating to automatic. That fixes it automatically. Fixed it for me yesterday morning.
  4. They got it fixed. Thank you, Geniuses! No more pop-ups.
  5. seems to be a corruption of MalwareBytes or a fake MalwareBytes. The Pop-Up is phony, and the file it pretends to be blocking from going out, does not exist. Excluding the dropbox folder does not help. It does not seem to be affecting dropbox, it is just a nuisance making MalwareBytes look stupid.
  6. Is there a sorted list of threats, that are successfully cleaned by Malwarebytes?
  7. Glad this bomb happened late at night and most users never noticed. I do appreciate the fast fix. It might be a good idea to have a stable safety version to fall back to without a lot of rigmarole. Even browsers have previous versions available for fall-back, if the newest version has some quirks, that users find unacceptable. Quite possible that is already available, just not explained how to do it safely without wiping out old downloads and licenses.
  8. After a manually forced update and a hard reboot everything seems to work OK. It does require a hard reboot. Thanks for the fast late night fix!
  9. As many have noted, the Fix Now does not work, neither does manual settings. The current update from five minutes ago allows the scan to run without crashing the program, but the Fix Now issue is still to be fixed.
  10. How can I revert to a stable version? The current update is a bomb and crashes Malwarebytes,
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