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Found 21 results

  1. I've been a Malwarebytes "freebie" user and just purchased an annual license. When setting up my account, MB, as expected, asked me to input a password. I did that. I set the password for the Forum community as well. All is good up to that point. When checking out my "profile", there appears to be a different password that I did not setup. I'm trying to change the password in my "profile" to match my account but I don't know the one that MB created apparently? Any suggestions would be most appreciated? Jim
  2. After purchasing a premium license, I downloaded the file and installed it. There was an older installation on my PC from a previous paid license that had expired and would not run. When the new installation would not run, I uninstalled it and reinstalled, but still get the "Unable to connect the service" error pop up. Installed and ran FRST64 and mb-check that gave the zip file attached. Please advise next steps. Thank you, mb-check-results.zip
  3. What do I need to do to continue using the software on my new PC, if the old one has been discarded?
  4. From a subscriber: Just had an internet security alert on my computer. Audible and would not let me do anything to shut it down. I ran the Malwarebytes and also Spybot. Nothing showed up. I did "shut down" and restarted. It said to call Windows Tech support. ------- That sounds like typical ransomware to me. Normally MalwareBytes takes care of those. Is this a new type not yet recognized? The user is smart enough not to call the number. What do you recommend?
  5. Hi Guys, The website i created two weeks ago (http://virusmalwaretips.com) is blocked by Malwarebytes. I can assure you there is no malware or whatsoever on the website. It's just an informative website about viruses, malware, spyware and what you can do about it. Yes i also mentioned Malwarebytes as a really great tool to remove malware! Could you please unblock my website? Thanks!
  6. I kept having MWB pop up that a website was being blocked from Azurewebsites.net when I was not even moving around in my browser (was playing a game, but had browser up on my work site) It has popped up a few times today, but it seems to have only been today that it was appearing. What is happening? Also, I tried to clean my laptop with ADWcleaner and when I tried to remove the problems that it detected, it Blue Screened me and I had to restart. It still did not remove the things I needed removed though once it rebooted the system. What do I do?
  7. (first time posting here sorry if i'm doing something wrong or if my formatting isn't exactly up to standard) so today i was doing the usual using my computer i decided i wanted to get a different motion wallpaper for deskscapes or videopaper but might have accidentally downloaded from the wrong site i recognized that and took the zip file and scanned it with virustotal which detected various types of malware including ransomeware and a few trojans i quickly deleted the file, but it seems something might have slipped by since malwarebytes detected pup.optional.installcore i swiftly deleted it, then as gray square started spreading to my desktop sort of like the one in the link: https://www.google.com.pr/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwallup.net%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F03%2F09%2F326492-Kyle_Gray-abstract-square-748x479.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwallup.net%2Fkyle-gray-abstract-square%2F&docid=F_s_g4UavjESUM&tbnid=BgkX-cDtma5JsM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiPg8qT_rXUAhVU0GMKHUoRDyUQMwgpKAMwAw..i&w=748&h=479&bih=745&biw=1563&q=gray%20square%20in%20desktop&ved=0ahUKEwiPg8qT_rXUAhVU0GMKHUoRDyUQMwgpKAMwAw&iact=mrc&uact=8 i freaked out so i started windows in safe mode there i ran rkill and gmer i also ran mbam, hitman pro, spybot s&d 2, superantispyware and tdsskiller nothing detected so i go back to normal mode and see the gray squares are still present, so i change my wallpaper ran rkill again nothing terminated and i am currently scanning with avast. specs: windows 10 64 bit gtx 1070 msi aero i5 6600 1tb toshiba hdd samsung 850 evo ssd 256gb 12gb crucial ballistix sport lt ram msi b150 gaming m3
  8. I want to install New version Malwarebytes Anti Malware on my pc but which version is latest can any one tell me please
  9. I get a ransom warning but no ransom is asked for.Only some programs are not properly working anymore. No word file or pictures are encrypted What ransomware.docx
  10. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.0 The tool was rebuilt from scratch but remained a command line tool. Changelog: We've update the tool to be a bit smarter (by not running certain scans unless it's necessary) New icon! Added new heuristics Updated database Updated report Updated console output Updated Services whitelist (lots of Win 10 Services added) Updated Process whitelist Removed heuristics Bug fixes: Tool crashed when usernames had special character(s) Tool crashed when it could not gather Firefox profile name Tool ignored Ctrl+C command Thanks everyone for being patient. We'd like to hear your feedback! Regards, Filipos
  11. Hi, I unfortunately am here due to some malware content I have on my computer which occurred by clicking on a link to download a font. The symptoms at first were that there were several added extensions in chrome which would create pop up links from happening. Once I noticed the problem I ran malware bytes and also Adwcleaner which found a few items. I figured that problem was ok since the extensions did not load on every chrome opening, but that was not the case. Now what happens is every time I click on a link that opens in a new window or a gmail desktop notification it will link to a pop-up ad. Let me know if there is any other information you need from me. Thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Hey Malwarebytes! I was wondering if you guys would ever add a Sandbox feature to the program? I think it would be really useful
  13. ttag8011

    Hi y'all

    Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself before heading to the help sections. This will be the first forum I've reached out to so...be nice, Internet I'm not very literate in terminology, etc., but I follow instructions well, and usually "get it" without too much handholding. Apologies if I offend during the learning curve, and thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
  14. I use my computer every day and since the past 2 -3 days this started, whenever i vist some sites (random) - it shows me a page (exactly same page as badpage.org ) And the site dosnt load, sometimes the css is screwed up and when i refresh same badpage.org page loads I have tried malware bytes in safe mode and other antivrus nothing helps out Please help me , i dont want to reinstall windows is there any way? We have home wireless network and now this malware show on all devices - iphone, android, notebook, PC***!!! PS As you can see this is depositfiles page but shows like badpage.org, same is for google for instance, even for facebook sometimes**!!!
  15. Hi, I MBAM recently to get rid of some malware that was causing hundreds of pop ups on my laptop. I noticed it was out of date but when I tried to update it said it "could not connect to the update server". I then tried downloading the new version. After downloading, the setup file wouldn't open stating "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the programme". This happens with all MB products and downloads. My laptop is slowly becoming unusable with all the pop ups and adverts. MBAM didn't solve all the issues when I run it. And now it won't update. Cheers, Matt
  16. Malwarebytes Anti-exploit free, does not have a "check for new version" or update. how would i know or how do i check to see if there is a update to it or new version ? or does it update it self ?
  17. I recently purchased MalwareBytes Premium on my new laptop about 2 weeks ago (that's about how old my laptop is. Yes, it's that new). After about two days of using MBAM, it just stopped opening. I looked this up online and found that many others have the same issue, but that it was caused by other malware blocking it. But my computer is only 2 weeks old. It couldn't have gotten malware THAT fast, now would it? Please help me on this issue! Thanks! Link to video:
  18. Hi Everyone, A few months ago keys on my keyboard stopped working and randomly started typing qqqqqq until stopped. I've been using everything to try to find the malware/keylogger that was doing this. No programs found it, and I couldn't find anything myself until today. Finally a break. So instead of deleating the program I to find where this is going, the keystrokes are translated to Israli/Hebrew so I'm hoping someone can help me with all of this. I've disabled all premissions for the associated files, but it won't let me remove the Read & Execute and Read allows. Thanks for any help with this.
  19. TheDo3tor


    Hello fellow malware hunters, I have just joined the forum because I know you guy have a lot of samples of malware for testing, and I want to be a malware tester. Does anybody know why I can't download the files?
  20. Hello. About 2 months ago, I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop. - 2.50 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor - 6GB RAM - Windows 8 (64-bit) When I bought it, it was very fast and had no problems whatsoever. However, about 3 weeks ago, it began to slow down, and has since then only been getting slower. When I start up Chrome, it takes several seconds for what I type in the address bar to appear. Opening windows, right-clicking anything - not always, but the majority of the time is quite slow. I cannot think of anything that has happened to cause this - I have always been very cautious with what I download and it was more of a gradual thing than an immediate change. This happens even if I have nothing running in the background - I opened task manager, and nothing seems out of place. I disabled some startup programs I did not need or care for, ran Disk Cleanup, used CCleaner, used PC-decrapifier to delete unwanted programs, I used MalwareBytes (both a full & quick scan), Avira, and SuperAntiSpyware. None of the anti-virus programs even detected anything other than a couple minor threats, which were of course removed. It's not my internet either, it's like this no matter what I am doing. Now I'm pretty good with computers, but at this point I am at a loss of what to do. No one else uses this computer but me, it was not psychically damaged and has not ever had anything spilled on it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? It's still so new and the specs are quite good, I was able to run graphic intensive games on it with no lag before, but now it's a hassle even when the settings are low! I just can't imagine what the problem could be.
  21. Today I went on my PC and went on Google chrome to check my xbox, on the website I got a popup saying you must have verification, then I realised tumbler opened. Is this a virus? (It has happened on a few websites)
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