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  1. Topic about finding a Ransomware criminal who recieved the ransom from a house of God in Birminham, AL. There fact is that many dark web goons retreat wih their loot to brag about their crime. There are surely people who find it nasty and faul to attack a office of older women working for a religiouis congregation, and to make is gross even more the congregation has been using the money to feed people who are having hardships and are homeless because of a glocal visus pandemic. Sick. Comments welcome. Please keep language clean.
  2. Running Windows 7 Professional SP 1 Running Malwarebytes Premium with Web/Malware/Ransomware/Exploit protection MS Security Essentials flagged Win32/wacapew.C!ml on my system yesterday so I looked it up online. I read that it's quite a bad thing to have on the PC. I ran Malwarebytes scan but it reported nothing new so I went back to MSE and opted to remove. Today the same thing happened and I have removed it again. I read that wacapew is a form of ransomware but I have not seen anything like that come up on screen, just the MSE report. Can anyone please advise about wacapew
  3. PC running windows 7 will not shut down with Malwarebytes Ransomware enabled. I also have Norton 360 which plays nicely with Malwarebytes. Premium. I have worked with support and sent replies and logs as requested without a fix. The last email requested I submit this information to Engineering which I highly doubt exists since the has been no fixes either for myself or others reporting the same problem as far back as 2018.
  4. Can anyone tell me what are challenges of Ransomware? Please help me i need challenges of ransomware
  5. Please any info about how to remove malware or Ransomware .harma and how to decrypt this all file on my server. We has been installed license malwarebytes but it not succesfully to decrypt file.
  6. OpenSource Python_IDM_2020.6.27 Internet Download Manager (PyIDM.exe) has been flagged as ransomware! https://github.com/pyIDM/PyIDM
  7. Hello. Recently I installed newest version of Dolphin emulator. Once I opened it, the window instantly crashed and malwarebytes real time protection disabled the "ransomware". Sure, mistakes happen. The problem comes in when I want to delete it. When the file is deleting, a window pops up saying that the file owner is not me and I cannot delete it. That makes sense, so I looked in Malwarebytes and the message said that the threat is now in quarantine, but guess what, it wasnt there. The file is 1.1 g (I put my games in it) and I would like to delete it. yes, this was from t
  8. Please any information about decrypt Ransomware .harma, i have been installed malwarebytes license but cannot recovery or decrypt this all file in my server. Before thanks a lot for help
  9. The extension of my files have been changed to .help like this:- Database10.accdb.id[D2239A27-2275].[helprecover@foxmail.com].help Please help me is there any solution to decrypt my files back??
  10. I am trying to update my windows 10 system. The updater version is 1.4.9200.23072. It is marked as a Microsoft copyright. Size is 1.86 MB. When running this, MalwareBytes reports it as being "Ransomware" and blocks the update. Is this a known problemtic version of win10 or MalwareBytes? Thanks Chris
  11. I have Malwarebytes Premium 4.2 and it has repeatedly blocked my Excel program. I have read other threads and it seems not to resolve the issue. I need to get this resolved Log info: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 7/2/20 Protection Event Time: 3:56 PM Log File: 7efec518-bca6-11ea-a016-000000000000.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.972 Update Package Version: 1.0.26309 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 18362.900) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User:
  12. Hi,A week ago I turned on my laptop trying to access some of my files I found all the icons changed and every folder have a file DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.txt saying my files are encrypted and I have to pay someone to send me a file to unencrypt my files and they want me to send 300£. I found a local online company NiwTech https://www.niwtech.com they offer to have a look they contacted me the next day saying my data cannot be recovered even from windows restore as it was off and they suggested me to not pay the Ransomware I bought malwarebytes but nothing changed. is there is any way to recover my
  13. I was invaded on my Mac running Catalina 10.15.5 by MacKeeper. Everyone thinks it's just a virus scanner app that has bad code but the company is worse than what it appears. I will attach some files that they took over to take full control of my Mac and wanted 200 to go on it with their techs and "clean" the viruses and malware that I had. When I told them no I got the full brunt of their invasion. They quickly ran a js file that installed their ransomware before I could disconnect my mac from the internet completely. I then spent a day tracking all the files and broke them into readable code
  14. Had a popup telling my F: drive had errors and press to fix, went to dos box, had to reset my windows store before as couldn't access to it Malwarebytes.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. Hi, All my computer files have been infected and the .heard extension has been added to all files. Please help to resolve the problem. Thank you
  16. Hi I've just discovered that some of my files on my NAS drive have been infected with a ransomware virus called NamPoHyu. it has put a file in every folder !!!CHEKYSHKA_DECRYPT_README>TXT "All your files have been encrypted. Your unique id: A3663CED1B824F259C8F95D020755DAA You can buy decryption for 350$ in Bitcoins. But before you pay, you can make sure that we can really decrypt any of your files. The encryption key and ID are unique to your computer, so you are guaranteed to be able to return your files. To do this: 1) Download and install Tor Browser
  17. These windows pages claim that my security and financial information is being captured and sent to thieves unless I contact the number given. Malwarebytes and McAfee do not stop it. Windows health system checks do not find it.
  18. This is my first use of the support forum. I am not a sophisticated user, so I apologize in advance if I have violated any forum protocols or user rules. I rec'd a ransomware email today which I think is BS, but would appreciate assistance with how to detect if this is a real threat or a phishing attempt for bitcoins. My suspicions are raised because I do not have a camera in use as my laptop is always closed, and also has a movable lens cover, also closed. There is no external camera, only a 23" display. I have a speaker system and use it's external jack for webinar audio and VOI
  19. I have a nasty virus. It closes tabs in my browser when I try to switch to them. I can not click on the tab I am in or it closes. When I run malwarebites, it finds MANY pup files, but I can not click on the quarantine button because it is deactivated as are all others. I just don't know what to do. I have run combofix with no resolution. I'm at my wits end.
  20. Hi, I batch files using robocopy to backup my network files. Until recently never had a problem, but now Malwarewarebytes determines them as ransomware while running, stops the process midway, quarantines the .bat file and locks me out from trying to edit the file (Please refer jpg). I have tried the following but get the same outcome: 1) excluding the individual files and the entire folder where i keep the batch files (pls refer jpg) 2) disabling the ransomware protection temporarily before running the batch file Please advise, many thanks dch Attachments:- (A) sa
  21. I reinstalled Windows 7 on my Media Center last week. As part of the setup I installed a dodgy-looking exe file (CyberLinkDVD16, I have a valid paid-for key but I couldn't find the install files and the official download link doesn't work) I ran Malwarebytes straight after, everything was OK. 2 days later all my files were encrypted with extension 'crypted_luedtkis@feudtory_com', I have backups for the OS etc. but not for 4TB of TV shows (annoying but not the end of the world). Malwarebytes still didn't find anything! id-ransomware tells me this is GlobelImposter
  22. So, this may be entirely unreasonable in a productivity sense, but I have been thinking about a ransom software firewall that would essentially remove almost all ability for even unknown ransomware threats to truly be feasible in large scale attacks. The unreasonable part I will start with in that, this is an entirely different approach to security than normal. Generally, almost all IT software that must be maintained on systems approach security as well as others interests with the idea that productivity first and foremost are the most important aspect of IT. There was also a time in histo
  23. Hi! On Sunday, Feb 24, 2019, I helped a friend transfer data to a new PC and discovered a number of his files had been encrypted. Apparently, back in 2015, his system was hit by the "CTB-Locker" ransomware. He and his wife simply didn't notice the documents, photos, and music files CTB-Locker encrypted were no longer available. I also found the ransom files CTB-Locker left behind, with instructions on paying the ransom, etc. Back in 2011, I helped him purchase a MBAM license and I made sure to activate that license on his new PC. He has the latest version of MBAM running on his new Windo
  24. I atached a pdf file I can open it but I can see it. I have a bunch a files like this. Do i need a software or what can i do? ElecticalComputerEng14-15.pdf
  25. Malwarebytes version Premium 3.6.1. Ransomware Realtime protection off and will not turn on. Problem surfaced after upgraded to Windows 10 Pro version 1803. I see Windows defender also has ransomware protection.
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