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  1. Interesting article: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/01/antivirus-is-bad/ After reading this article I'm starting to think maybe we should stop using antivirus software.
  2. Update: After rebooting and scanning again the scan completed successfully. I am guessing a reboot is needed after upgrading to 3.0.6 before you run a scan.
  3. Just installed 3.0.6 and scan hung at the following.
  4. I uploaded the files in your zip file to virustotal.com for scanning and they all came back clean. My guess would be it is a bug with the WhoCrashed app.
  5. I agree. However I no longer purchase the AV "Security Suites" or "Total Security" package as some call it. I just get the basic AntiVirus and then MBAM along with it.
  6. " Is there a way to save these settings to a config and restored to other computers? " As soon as I posted I realized this question is for the AV people not MBAM.
  7. Is there a way to save these settings to a config and restored to other computers? Adding exclusions to every computer I work is time consuming. If not are these setting saved in one of the MBAM's config.json files that can be copied from computer to computer?
  8. This complaint is purely aesthetics. The blue MBAM icon is almost impossible to see on some computers with a blue taskbar. I have gone to work on some computers and at first glance I thought MBAM was not running because I did not see the icon in the system tray, it was there I just had to look really closely to see it. It would be nice if it had an outline of a different color or something to make it stand out better.
  9. Has not crashed any more since upgrading to 3.0 so I consider the issue resolved. Thanks
  10. I have seen a few other threads talking about adding exclusions to your AV program for MBAM. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can expand on this. Aside from providing a list of exclusions please discuss file and folder exclusions vs process exclusions and when to use each. The easiest thing to do would be to at "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware" as a folder exclusion but is that adequate.
  11. Thanks for the additional info exile360. I feel a little more confident as to where MBAM positions itself. For customers looking for the cheapest solution I will start installing MBAM with Defender. For those willing to spend a little extra I will continue to install MBAM with Bitdefender AV Plus.
  12. Traditional AV or not if we are told it can replace my existing AV program it should detect, scan and remove viruses as well as other traditional AV programs. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of MBAM and have been using the paid version for years. I just need more convincing it can serve as my sole line of protection. I realize you can still run MBAM along with your favorite AV program. As an IT tech I have some customers with limited resources to spend on security apps I would love to be able to tell them MBAM is all they need now.
  13. Now that 3.0 is being sold as a antivirus and malware solution any chance you will start participating in the "AV Comparatives" test ?
  14. Has AdwCleaner and JRT been integrated into MBAM 3.0 scanning and cleaning or do we still need to run them separately when cleaning a computer?
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