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  1. Íf you have Windows 7 or above...users of Kaspesky Internet security have disbled protection.. If you not Kaspesky,you coment
  2. What Sos have you?(Xp,7...10) Have you Kaspersky Internet Security?
  3. Hello With the new component, Kaspersky works well again and the navigation is normal Thank you
  4. Hello With the new component, Kaspersky works well again and the navigation is normal Thank you
  5. Hello As I have the same problem I had already commented in another post, I leave the log of one of my PCs and tomorrow I put the other PC that happens exactly the same mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. This problem is present in many post. For now the solution is to disable the Web shield of Malwarebytes. Until you fix it, you can use the extension of Malwarebytes if you use Firefox
  7. Hello It happens with any version of Kaspersky. Besides the problems are not safe payment, because I do not have that extension and I have the problem with the Web Shield I use Kasperky antivirus
  8. Thanks for the answer, but you don't really tell us anything. I asked you what exclusion they had sent you to add to the new you had. You must indicate if you can, the file you added to solve the problem Thank you
  9. Hello All that I had tried, enabling, disabling etc, but does not work at all. Even if you do what you say, as soon as enable the Web shield stops working the extension of Kssperskyy navigation becomes slow
  10. This I see right, because it is Malwarebytes who designs a program to be compatible with antivirus, and not the reverse, so it is here where you must find the solution
  11. Kaspersky 19 has a problem of incompatibility with the Malwarebytes Web module. I have two PCs and both slows the navigation and the Kaspersky addon does not work Just fix it by disabling the Web module MAALWAREBYTES, but while you can use the addon Malwarebytytes for Firefox, which works perfectly and block also publicity and some extra things more- https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/ I guess it will be something that is solved
  12. The extension and had installed, and detects more even than the WEB shield, but I hope is resolved equally
  13. For me, in two teams, it follows the problem. Just disabling the Malwarebytes Web Shield works Ok If I have it activated you see this
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