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  1. Yes, I understand that, but what I do not understand is because Malwarebytes warns that it did not have an analysis, with little space... I mean, if it were more than a month, ... but it commands us to do it weekly, which is unnecessary in many cases. Antiviruses installed, even if you don't get a scan so regularly, don't warn
  2. ok, I'll do it like this, and I guess that way there's going to be no problem I'll talk about it.
  3. No, I used it before, and now I have Mcafee, but in all cases, it's the same. When I open the security center, the problem puts it in malwarebytes, not the antivirus you use. As soon as I put malwarebytes to do the analysis, the warning disappears, and if it does every 7 days it doesn't come out either
  4. Hello+ Sorry I'm late. it seems that the problem that made malwarebytes identify the download as malware, has disappeared Thank you
  5. Hello Why if Malwarebytes doesn't do a weekly scan, at least the security center puts a yellow warning? Is Malwarebytes the cause of that? It happens to me on my two pcs
  6. Hello Evorim firewall is dangerous???
  7. For now the uninstalled from my pcs, because it is not possible to use it correctly Thanks
  8. Hello I tested this application on my two pcs, with identical result on both: 1- At a certain point, after a restart, the icon turns blue and does not allow you to do anything. The services are started and automatically, but so everything has to be restarted several times manually until it works again. Reinstall app solves the problem temporarily 2- When the icon is blue, the uninstaller does not work and you need to reactivate the app if or if. 3- The uninstaller does not work properly and stays locked during uninstallation, and it is necessary to give it to come out on the parta icon finish 4- double rules Thank you
  9. Íf you have Windows 7 or above...users of Kaspesky Internet security have disbled protection.. If you not Kaspesky,you coment
  10. What Sos have you?(Xp,7...10) Have you Kaspersky Internet Security?
  11. Hello With the new component, Kaspersky works well again and the navigation is normal Thank you
  12. Hello With the new component, Kaspersky works well again and the navigation is normal Thank you
  13. Hello As I have the same problem I had already commented in another post, I leave the log of one of my PCs and tomorrow I put the other PC that happens exactly the same mbst-grab-results.zip
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