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Ok, I never had Malwarebytes before. My neighbor bought me the full version of this software and it works good, anyway, I heard they are making more malware then viruses, is that true?

Technically, yes. Since malware is just the short way of saying "malicious software", and since viruses are a type of malicious software, then you can 'yes' simply from the perspective that the 'malware' category includes everything.

Of course, when it comes to other types of malware (as opposed to viruses), there have been a lot more trojans and rogues than viruses for quite some time. Rootkits are also a major threat, however the common misconception is that, when your computer gets infected, that there is only one infection. The way the most common malware these days works is that it uses a trojan to install a rogue/keylogger/etc. and then also to install a rootkit to prevent security software from functioning, and some infections also come with components that will reinstall the main parts of the infection if they get removed.

Now there was a family of rogues where the trojan would just install a single malicious program, and that program was capable of performing all of the functions (keep security software from running, prevent removal of the infection, scare the user into paying money to get control of their computer back, etc) on its own.

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