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suspicious email links


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Gooday guys:

My former wife sent me two emails. One to a Gmail account and the other to a Hotmail account. These don't say nothing at all but each one has a link as shown bellow:

Gmail account:


Hotmail account:


Where XXX is the respective email account.

I didn't click on, of course; and I copy the links to a shorcut; then sign out; then Ccleaner; then run and Windows Explorer and Firefox sand-boxed; then I click on the links but they ask to log-in in a live messenger account; then I stopped.

So what's going on? what is the trick behind this links which title "sexy photos"??

Please advise !


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hmmm ...

ex-wife + links supposedly sent by her + "sexy photos" = flashing lights and red flags popping up (no matter how you look at it) . :lol:

your current relationship with your ex asides (be it friendly or not) ...

contact her (by means that are ok such as phone call or via a mutual/neutral friend/acquaintance) and check to see if she indeed did send the links .

it may be that her machine and/or account(s) has/have been compromised .

beyond that , it is none of your business .

a real life "gotcha" or "catch 22" .

i recall a couple of individuals that were "suckered in" to responding to an email or two sent by an ex and postings on a facebook page ...

the end result being that "harassment" and "violation of court decree" charges were filed and the judge had to go by "letter/spirit of law" and ruled that the defendant had indeed violated the decree (no means no ... what part don't you understand , the "N" or the "O" ?) .

the judge also "went after" the plaintiff for protracting/instigating the event (what part about "leave others alone" don't you understand ?)

the bottom line ... it is better to be safe rather than sorry .

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