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I've been using MBAM on my PC @ home for years, and many infections, malware and other junk has been removed by this beautiful piece of kit.

I have a 1000 (and more) reasons I like MBAM and advice it to other personal users, but there are one or two things I would really like in future MBAM engines:

  • Some of your "colleagues" (f.e. SuperAntiSpyware) have the ability to use only 1 processor for scanning-purposes, which makes the whole operation of "background scanning" far more workable, because other programs run more fluently.. I respect scanning-time issues, but I'd rather take 30 minutes of background scanning then waiting 15 minutes not being able to do anything else.

  • Some software has the option to directly look-up (direct database or google-topic-search f.e.) some types of infections, PUM's and other outcomes, which makes it much easier to decide if it's legit, dangerous or an infection that needs direct attention, especially for the less-advanced users. PUM's are in red for example, making them very "scary-looking" while they are no more than early warnings at most, in stead of actual infections.

  • Also, many users are afraid of using, or simply oblivious of the fact that there are some really reliable forums out there (here and HJT for example) which could be propagated (slightly, maybe under a help section or something) in MBAM itself. I know multiple elderly users that are "afraid" of using online forums, unless they get redirected by some legit piece of software, like windows (I know, trust MS.., lol) or an AV scanner. It might even be an option to auto-register PRO users for this forum in the category "free online support" ???

Please consider the above as constructive criticism, MBAM is the best!

A happy user from the Netherlands...

PS: unlike other users posting here (all due respect), I really like the basic and straightforward appearance of MBAM; system resources should be used for scanning and not for looking fancy, imho... laugh.gif

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