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Hi everybody,

Totaly new to MB, which seems to me really good and efficient, I am testing the last version ( and I cannot find the way to exclude some url's from blocking. I use mainly Firefox, on Win 7 x64 Pro.

How can I do this?

Thanks for your help, regards.

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Hello Grobok: :welcome:

You are really going to want to think about each blocked IP address you wish to allow. Effectively you are disabling one of the very best features of MBAM PRO.

Please read Section G of the FAQ.

Please be forewarned - input IP addresses you let through very likely are from known malware sources. Output IP addresses you permit may mean you are already infected and personal information could be compromised.

If you wish, copy/paste several different IP-BLOCK messages that are now in MBAM's protection-log(s) to a reply.

e.g. 07:18:36 Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

HTH :)

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Thanks for the answer. Strange, because I have replied yesteday, but cannot find my message...

Anyway, I have seen that following your advice, it works, but in a strange mode: if my Eset Smart Security has not the url in the exclusion list, it doesn't work. But, if MB is not installed, it works!

How is that possible?

Till today, I always had Eset and another anti-spyware, and never had such situation, very strange!

I will use the temporary url check disabling, and I think that it will be more secure than add the address in the exclusion list.

Here an exctrat of the log for an url which was recognized as "suspicious" by MB:

15:05:03 Ray IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 1386, Process: firefox.exe)

15:05:44 Ray IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 1390, Process: firefox.exe)

I will switch too now for Opera, because it has another reaction that Firefox: it works with Opera (last version) and not with Firefox! Another strange thing.

If you have some explanations on this, it will be happy to understand a little bit more what happens.

Thanks again, and hope that this time my message will be here.

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Hello Grobok:

It's possible that the IP address ( was blacklisted long ago but might be OK now.

If you believe the IP address is safe you could go to the "False Positive" subtopic here and make a request that it be allowed.

HTH :)

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