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fake anti-virus software won't allow web access


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My computer (running on XP) is infected with something that interferese with internet access. It looks like an anti-virus program that continually scans and gives the warning: Internet Explorer Warning visiting this site may harm your computer. It does this even when I am using Firefox for my browser. Also windows keep opening with porn sites (that do not load.) While I used to be able to open some sites, now I cannot open any sites. I had been able to download Malwarebytes Anit-Malware, but it couldn't update. I ran the program (version 5363) anyway and it said it removed many problems, but this one remains. Attached to this post is a word document with screenshots of some of the errors I get.

photo 1 = a recurring popup I get in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen

photo 2 = a fake antivirus scan that pops up in the middle of the screen. It always generates a long list of supposed viruses I have.

photo 3 = what happens when I try to open google.com with Firefox. Under the "What you can try" it is not in the screenshot but it also gives the option to "scan the computer" and "purchase anti-malware" in addition to "more information."

photo 4 = a popup I frequently get in the middle of my screen.

This is the first time I have had a problem like this and I don't know what information I need to provide to get help figuring it out. I'd appreciate detailed instructions.

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Tried running Defogger again and got the following defogger_disable log:

defogger_disable by jpshortstuff (

Log created at 16:07 on 16/01/2011 (Tom Krisa)

Checking for autostart values...

HKCU\~\Run values retrieved.

HKLM\~\Run values retrieved.

Checking for services/drivers...

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Welcome to the forum.

See if following this guide works.

Make sure you run rkill and then immediately run MBAM as desribed.

Most important....update MBAM before you run it.

The link below explains how to rename MBAM if needed:


Post the logs back here, Good Luck....MrC

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